Why Mom 2.0 Summit ?

mom 2.0 summit

Whenever I am asked for recommendations for “must attend” professional events to invest or participate in, Mom 2.0 is ALWAYS at the top of the list. I was able to attend for the first time last spring as an attendee and it was a wonderful experience. This year I’m honored to be returning as a speaker discussing the impact of live video strategy. (check out the full speaker line up here) 

I'm Speaking At The Mom 2.0 Summit

My introduction to Mom 2.0 was much like what I’m doing with you now. You know,  “I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend…” that it was THE industry event to invest in. I did my research and checked out the website. It sounded amazing and the location… even better…but for me, the the best part wasn’t listed on the website.

Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew only a handful of other attendees closely at that time. I ventured out in the facebook group and replied to a post for roommates. fyi… that was SO OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE at the time. Rooming with strangers? Hmmmm…. BEST ROOMMATES EVER! That was just first notch in the collection of wonderful relationships that would be formed both in business and friendship through Mom 2.0 Summit.

If there is a description of the relationships you will make or the culture that is present,  I would offer these words- And I mean them from my very heart: “Come knowing that YOU are enough. Mom 2.0 is a safe place to be your authentic self. You will naturally find your people in this circle. Our differences are embraced. Our strengths are celebrated. Your win is my win and your struggle is my struggle.”  … & get ready to dance. 

As beautiful as that is, culture like this isn’t cultivated by accident.  It is important to me recognize and honor the founders and members of the Mom 2.0 team. SO much goes into every amazing moment. I am a detail person by nature and after organizing similar events, I can honestly say this group doesn’t miss a beat. Individually they are inspiring, together they are a force moving the needle on behalf of our collective voice. I truly believe they are THE top of this game. #Squadgoals would be an understatement.

The relationship/community culture of Mom 2.0 is one that also translates through the brands participating as well. Spend time with the ones that resonate with you and fit your story. You’ll know. Look for opportunities that are mutually beneficial and brands that connect with your story.

Last year I connected with Kia and got to share some of my story.  Here’s a little of what we created.

Since then I’ve partnered with Kia to add several more adventures to my story. I’m so excited that they will be returning once again as a presenting sponsor. There will be so many opportunities for you to connect too. You’ll be able to take part in the Ride and Drive and share your stories of motherhood and career. If you need professional headshots Kia Studio suite will have that opportunity available as well ( I actually have my Kia Mom headshot on my business cards and LinkedIn profile as we speak).  Take a moment to check out some of those that they partner with to get an idea of their heart in give back too : The Ecology CenterPacific Marine Mammal Center, B.R.A.K.E.S., Girls, inc .

When the conference comes to a close it’s always bittersweet. Besides having to depart from beautiful surroundings and having to cook your own meals again, it’s hard to leave the circle of people who “just get it”. The creatives, the introverts, extroverts, party people, …. it’s a virtual breakfast club. Your people are here and the best part….it’s not over after all.

These are REAL relationships in a real community that continues to deepen and strengthen over the year/years to come. There are so many relationships that continued to develop after Mom 2.0 summit last year that this year will feel like a reunion. People that have become not only colleagues, but friends.

I can’t wait to see you all whether it’s this year or next. I’ll be there every time. Keep building relationships wherever you are. We need each other.

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