Recreating the Cucumber Moscow Mule


One of the greatest things about traveling is getting to bring a little of each new experience home with you. We were recently gifted with a lovely set of copper mugs and Nambe cheese board as a thank you for attending the launch of the redesigned Kia Cadenza in Middleburg, Virginia. The copper mugs were reminiscent of lovely evenings spent sipping Moscow mules at the Salamander Resort and Spa before sunset and watching the horses over the rich green fields. It was such a relaxing location brimming over with hospitality and charm.

It wasn’t long after their arrival that those copper mugs were begging to be filled. We may have been lacking horses but everything else needed was easily accessible to recreate memories of our Virginia luxury experience. Our local friends were more than happy to join us in recreating the camaraderie, conversation, and of course the cocktails! The Cucumber Moscow Mule is an incredibly refreshing beverage and easy to make requiring only a few simple ingredients.

cucumber Moscow mule

Cucumber Moscow Mule


  • Cucumber Vodka
  • Ginger Beer
  • fresh limes
  • cucumber
  • ice, crushed or cubed
  • optional: candied ginger for garnish ( I know I said “optional” but it’s realllly worth picking up if you don’t have on hand. It was my favorite addition.)


1. Quarter cut the limes & cut the cucumber into thin wheels
2. Add ice to copper mug ( or glass)
3. Pour 1.5 oz – 2 oz of Cucumber Vodka over ice
4. Squeeze 1 lime quarter over ice in mug and add a 3 cucumber wheels, leave the limes on top of the ice after squeezing
5. Pour ginger beer in to fill mug
6. Stir all ingredients & garnish with cucumber wheel and candied ginger

While I was researching the best recipe for this cocktail I learned a lot about its unique history and about the copper mug itself. Both are wonderful complimentary stories to share as icebreaker conversations or just interesting fun facts. I can’t wait to share them with you in a future post!


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