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California Coastal Views #KiaSBEXp

Late last week, I was sitting down with a friend over coffee and the best breakfast tacos Austin has to offer (more on that later) recounting how fast life moves. It seemed impossible that sections of life that felt so lengthy and exhausting at the time were only a mere 24-36 months in total. It felt like a lifetime. In some ways it really was a lifetime ago, depending on how you measure a life cycle.  It was a different life I lived then. I was a different person then.

Just keep swimming. Keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward. Keep swimming. That’s how I lived a good deal of my early life. It wasn’t so much a life plan I was enacting as it was mostly self-preservation but as I retold sections of my life’s timeline, I evaluated just how very much I’ve lived, endured, succeeded and failed in these 30ish years of mine.

So much. Life is SO MUCH sometimes, isn’t it?

This morning as I take stock in this first half of 2017, I realized this year has brought quite a bit to the table by itself. In this first six months we’ve: welcomed a new baby to the family, I became the weekend wife, leaving a place that felt like loosing “my person”, finding a new home, having our entire life packed in a u-haul and then having it stolen from our driveway (for the record, I still can’t believe that happened), a new job, new schools, a two-week road trip, passing of pets that were like family to us, several speaking engagements, and graduations. I’m sure I’m forgetting so many other things in between because life often moves too fast to take inventory.

Kia Optima SXl Coastal Views

This week I’m fortunate to have been invited on a trip where I get to pause and finally do that. Kia Motors America invited a group of us to the Belmond El Encanto in Santa Barbara, CA to spend the week especially designed to allow us a little time to relax, reflect and take inventory. They paired us with some of their most luxurious vehicles, the Kia Optima SXL and the Kia Cadenza, for a drive up the scenic California coast. During our time here we’ll be treated to extended dining experiences, spa treatments, vineyard tours, kayak adventures, and dinner cruises. There is also a good allowance of time built-in for me give attention and consideration to the details of life that may have been overlooked. After all, the details are often the most meaningful memorable parts.

A lot has happened in this first 6 months of the year. I’d be foolish to think that 2017 has any intention of slowing down for the last half. I’m taking inventory, resetting and getting ready. Good things are on the way, friends. Really good things.

You are Amazing #KiaSBEXP


  1. This is perfect! Life can be too much and overwhelming at times. This trip is much needed.

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