Going Places in the 2016 Toyota Avalon

2016 Toyota Avalon
I am always up for a road trip anytime of year. So when She Buys Cars and Toyota presented us with the opportunity to test out the 2016 Toyota Avalon on our way to the DFW Auto Show it didn’t take us long to pack our bags and get out on the road.

Toyota Avalon trunk space

The ample trunk space was just the beginning of the long list of features in the 2016 Toyota Avalon making this drive so enjoyable. I may have opted for the scenic route just to get a few more miles in. We were wishing we had more distance to cover before we would arrive. I can’t remember the last time I’ve said that on a road trip, can you? Here’s a few things that really made this ride stand out:

The 2016 Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon exterior
The Exterior: We all know it’s important not to judge a book by it’s cover. Lucky for us, we are talking cars today not books- judge away! There is no denying the Toyota Avalon brings plenty of visual appeal.

Safety: Two elements that really make this an anxiety free drive are the standard backup camera with available projected path and the blind spot monitor. The back up camera video quality is exceptionally clear which really brings peace of mind living in a neighborhood with lots of children and pets. The backup camera also helps guide you into or out of tight spots with ease.

Once you get out onto the road the blind spot monitor becomes your best friend to alert of fast approaching vehicles you may not have seen by illuminating a warning signal on the correct outside mirror.

toyota avalon blind spot


The Interior:

2016 Toyota Avalon Interior

Interior comforts matter to everyone. Whether you are the passenger or the driver you will appreciate the attention to detail here, which includes heated/ventilated seating with lumbar support. The Toyota Avalon premium leather seating offers a very contoured feel making everyone, front or rear, feel secure on even the curviest of routes. The roofline allowed room for my 6 ft+ husband to still be comfortable in the back and plenty of legroom too. If you are in the rear seating you will find the center armrest cup holders and trunk pass-through exceptionally convenient to access any items reducing the need for frequent stops. The ambient interior lighting was a nice touch as well.

Performance: Toyota Avalon offers a sport mode option that increases throttle response and quickens the electric power steering (EPS) giving the offers a livelier handling experience anytime during your drive. Toyota Avalon Sport mode

Toyota Avalon Gas Mileage

When talking road trips we can’t leave out gas mileage. For those of you on the conservative side the Avalon also offers an eco option and normal mode in addition to the performance sport mode.  We had different objectives during different parts of our road trip and we are betting you will too. Overall you can estimate about 21/31/24 (mpg city/highway/combined).

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You can tell by the smiles on our faces we had a great time on our drive. The Toyota Avalon played a big part in that. To learn more about the rest of the features of this and other vehicles Toyota offers check them out on their website here.

Thanks again to both She Buys Cars & Toyota for this opportunity to get out on the road! Looking forward to going more places together. 

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