Munster Mansion Home Tour

munster mansion home tour 2014When Alice shoots me a message and asks if I’d like a tour…a private tour…of the Munster Mansion, I was ALL over it!!!  Those of us in the Waxahachie area have all come to a slow crawl trying to sneak a peek down memory lane at the fantastic replica.  But the inside…to get to see INSIDE…

Let’s just say it did NOT disappoint!!!  Our host  was so gracious and down to earth, giving us the low down on their whole journey.  My boys were in heaven…As the front door opened and who greets us? Spot Munster Mansion

Yep…Spot…a glowing green-eyed, smoke-billowing, roaring dragon.  Sheer awesomeness.

Because the original Munster Home was a set, the home owner and her husband made their own blueprints of the house by studying all…and I mean all of the episodes.  She would watch how many steps it took to get from one point to another and base her measurements on those steps.  She is constantly searching for EXACT pieces…even finding the exact stove on Craig’s list.  It’s like the ultimate scavenger hunt.  SERIOUS Munster fans may pick up on one or two discrepancies…like one place where the wallpaper should look torn (she knows, she knows…she’s getting to it…), but usually the fans are a huge help and study the shows, zoom in on frames and help her get just the right thing.

herman Munster Mansion

The tour was truly a blast…the rotating suit of armor, secret passages, the dungeon, etc.  Our favorite was Eddie’s room…the crocodile cage, a huge rat trap, and Spot’s GINORMOUS collar dangling next to Eddie’s velvet short set (which was donated to them by a man who said his mother made it for his Halloween costume when he was a child).

Eddies Room Munster Mansion

My boys started chuckling at one point, pointing to the fireplace in the living room.  They said Eddie likes to throw logs on the fireplace and hide behind the sofa pounding out dust when he’s upset. They immediately pictured the episode because the set up was so accurate.

Speaking of accuracy…the biggest compliment she’s ever received was from one of the former cast members (I can’t remember if it was Grandpa or Eddie!!).  She said he walked through the door and got tears in his eyes because their incredible attention to detail flooded him with memories.

Grandpa Munster Mansion

She’s had at least 3 of the cast members out to the house…Grandpa, Eddie and Marilyn.  In fact, Marilyn (Pat Priest) is coming this weekend!  She’s the “homely” one ;). She’ll be signing autographs at their annual tour event. Munster Mansion event 2014

The tour is a must see…$20 per person, $12 for children under 12.  They have buses that run from a nearby school so you don’t have to park on the busy street.  They will have all SORTS of fun stuff on the grounds…fire breathers, balloon twisters, carnival games, a ferris wheel….they have a movie room with the shows running, roasted corn, hot dogs…comic memorabilia…and her hubby fires up the coach every 20 minutes or so!!!  GOOD STUFF!!!

Munster Mansion Mobile

This should be a fun event for the whole family!!!  Make sure you head to Waxahachie this weekend (Oct. 24 & 25, 7pm-midnight) for their annual tour and costume party charity event…park at Finley Jr. High. 2401 Brown St (1313 Mockingbird Lane won’t get ya there…they tried!!).  I’d recommend getting there by 7…the line can get long!!
For more info, please visit

I know you’ll have a blast!!  We sure did!!

Karen Scott

Karen Scott


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