6 Items Every Gym Bag Needs to Have #TryDry

6 items every gym bag needs to haveProduct disclosureNow that the holidays are over and we are back to our regular workouts, let’s talk about what’s in your gym bag! No matter if I am working out in the early hours, getting in a workout over lunchtime or squeezing in activity before the day is done, I don’t like to lug around a lot of extras in my bag. That being said, I do believe there are a few items that are essential for any gym bag to have. Here are 6 of the most important items my gym bag contains. dry spray


Dry Spray Antiperspirants : Dry Spray Antiperspirants are an essential in my gym bag because of the Texas heat. I’ll often leave my gym bag in the car for convenience. One day, I went to pull my things out of my bag and my stick antiperspirant had melted on everything in my bag. It was NOT an easy clean up and some items were completely ruined. Since then, I have been packing Degree dry spray antiperspirants in our gym bags. I like there is a separate scent for both my husband and myself with great effectiveness for both of us. They also are instantly dry and leaving no residue to get on clothing if I am going out to dinner or to a lunch meeting after the gym.

Water bottles : Hydration is super important. Having plenty of H20 throughout your day is essential. You will always want to have a way to hydrate before and after a workout too!

Shoes : Good running shoes can change your life! Seriously. Having shoes that support you in the right way for the right activity can mean the difference between continued workouts or taking weeks off to heal from an injury.

Socks : I would never have believed that socks could play such an important part of working out until I purchased a few pairs of good running socks. The moisture wicking and extra cushion really help to keep my feet dry and prevent blisters.

Weights & a Yoga Mat : Having a pair of weights in your bag can allow you to workout anywhere. If it’s a beautiful day- enjoy it and workout outside. You will soak up some vitamin D and improve your mood all at the same time. I’m sometimes bothered by different types of grasses, so packing a yoga mat allows me to do any groundwork I need to get done without concern.

These items are ones I always keep in my gym bag. If you would like to try the new Dry Sprays for yourself you can get a sample by clicking the picture below. You will want these for your gym bag too! #TRYDRY

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What do you consider essential in YOUR gym bag?

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