Dinnertime Fun with Think Again! – Family Game Review

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Dinnertime with our family is a big deal. It’s not really about the food and it’s not always fancy or proper.  It is however, one of the most important parts of our day. It’s a time where we all get to sit and connect as a family. I really treasure this time we have together. When the all the kids were younger conversations were easy. Now that we have teenagers, a simple “Tell us about your day” doesn’t always get the conversation rolling. Recently, we had the opportunity to review a new game and its format, few pieces and opportunity for a lot of laughter, seemed like a perfect fit for a dinnertime change-up.

Think Again!

Think Again!

Think Again! is a quick paced trivia game where all the players really do know all the answers already. This allows even younger players to easily play along. The tricky part comes to knowing when you are supposed to actually give the right answer. Players take turns reading questions. After a player finishes reading a question, he reveals the back of the next question card, which indicates whether the other players need to answer correctly or incorrectly. If the question card shows a green dot, the word “Right” or the genius face, players must give the correct answer. For the question “What color are the Smurfs?”, the first player to answer blue scores a point.If the question card shows a red dot, the word “Wrong” or the dunce face, players must give a wrong answer. For the question above, the first player to answer any color EXCEPT blue scores a point. If you speak too quickly and give a correct answer when an incorrect one is required (or vice versa), you lose 1 point. After each player has asked five questions, the player with the most points wins.

Since the game requires only the cards to play, it was a great game to play at dinner and it was easy to keep everyone involved. It also didn’t take very long to play a round allowing it to be a great icebreaker while I was finishing up bringing everything to the table. After a few laughs, everyone (including our teens) was a lot more ready for conversation than the previous nights. I don’t know if we will make every night game night at dinner but Think Again! was a perfect solution to get conversations going again.

A party game for 3-10 players.
Ages: 10 and up (although we had younger ones able to easily play)
Playing Time: 15 minutes
MSRP: $14.99
On sale in stores everywhere!

What’s dinner time like at your house comfy casual or more proper?
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