Ready, Set, It’s Thanksgiving! 5 Unique Hostess Gifts for this Season and Beyond

Babbleboxx Thanksgving

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Ready or not Thanksgiving week is here! The kids are out of school. Holiday phone calls are being made to finalize last-minute travel plans. Pies are being baked. It’s hectic but the very best kind, right? This year we are extra out of sorts because literally every household in both our families have moved, some to new houses and some out of the state. Due to the distance, new schedules, and getting settled, we won’t be hosting together in our familiar homes as in years past but we’ve partnered with a few amazing sponsors to highlight five unique ideas to show our gratitude and appreciation to those opening their homes to us this week. So whether you are traveling across the country or just across the street we’ve got the perfect suggestions for what to bring to your host/hostess whether they are a pet lover, always on the search for the perfect cocktail, or just a little something everyone can enjoy.

For the Hosts + Guests

Thanksgiving Edible arrangements

Edible Arrangements is a fantastic gift solution to bring to any Thanksgiving gathering. It adds a healthy option to the menu and creates a delightful centerpiece to share with the crowd while the finishing touches are being added to the main courses. Guests are always looking for something to snack on while the food is being prepared, aren’t they? That’s how it goes down at my house EVERY year! I’m certain this will be well received by any hostess.

It’s delicious and super convenient! We received the Salted Caramel Harvest Bouquet™ with signature Orange Swizzle Berries® This arrangement included salted caramel apple wedges, chocolate dipped strawberries, playful pineapple leaves, a chocolate covered pineapple “apple” in the middle, additional grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe and a ceramic pumpkin container that can be used again. You can order yours until the day before Thanksgiving and I have discount codes for you too!!

Use : THANK17 $10 OFF $39+ ($49 for CA) valid 11/13 – 11/22, unlimited use, for fulfillment any time.
         FEAST $20 OFF $99+, valid 11/13-11/22, unlimited use, fulfillment any time

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For the Furry Friends

Babbleboxx Thanksgiving Pets

This year we adopted Doug, into our family. She is a 6 year old rescue dog coming to us from a local animal shelter and has been one of the best pets we have ever had. We are so thankful for her and do our best to offer her the best in nutrition and treats whenever possible. Solid Gold Pet believes that every per deserves the longest, happiest life possible. These are treats we feel really good about offering our pet and bringing to other pet lovers for the pets in their families as well.

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We also wanted to pay tribute to all those dedicating their time to providing love to those pets without homes this year. is an organization doing just that. They partner and work with hundreds of local animal shelters and rescue groups across the nation. They are filling in the gaps to ensure all animals in shelters have health and happiness until their forever home is found. Offering a donation gift card allows the recipient to give to a local shelter or rescue organization of their choosing. It’s perfect for someone who loves pets and insists “You don’t need to bring anything”. I love it because it is one way that we can remember to say THANK YOU to our local shelter for bringing so much love into our home with dog Doug.

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For the Guests

Thanksgiving Cocktails

While your hosts are preparing the turkey, it can be a lot of fun help them by serving up a few handcrafted cocktails. A fun cocktail in refreshing and can liven up practically any atmosphere. Clean Cocktails for the Modern Mixologists is a great way to introduce clean cocktail recipes to a crowd Feel free to leave the recipe book behind for your hosts to garner ideas for their next soiree. I know they will appreciate it.

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Looking for a great non-alcoholic option to serve as well? Sipp Sparkling Mojo Berry has you set. Sipp mixes organic ingredients with blends of herbs and fruits to create a lovely refreshing beverage. You can choose to serve it alone or as part of a mixed drink. There are 6 original flavors to choose from so you can really have a lot of fun with this.

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Hopefully you found a little inspiration in the gifts above. I know I was introduced to a couple of new favorites myself. The truth is we each have so much to be thankful for this season and every season! I want to show my gratitude whenever possible.

Happy THANKSGIVING to all our readers – We are thankful for YOU all year long!

What are you most thankful for right now?

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes 2013

2013 has proven to look  A LOT different for the Chase’s than in years past. We have taken a great steps, literally with the #100milechallenge, to improve our health and set fitness goals ( and we’ve stuck with them!!). As the holidays roll in, I am determined that this season of indulging, festive eating, and lazy days by the fire not cause a setback in all that we have accomplished. I also don’t want to wait to New Years to set new goals.

The goals setting starts now with trying out a healthier Thanksgiving table for 2013.  Here are a few yummy things (with a lot fewer calories!) we’ll be serving this year.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes 2013

Quinoa-Stuffed Turkey with Roasted Autumn Vegetables (ordered from

Quinoa-Stuffed Turkey with Roasted Autumn Vegetables

Garlic Green Beans w/ toasted almonds – recipe from Bravo for Paleo


Streuseled Sweet Potatoes- recipe from Preppy Paleo

the preppy paleo: Paleo Streuseled Sweet Potatoes

Maple Pumpkin Custard- recipe from Against all Grain

Maple Pumpkin Custard - Against All Grain

We will  still be enjoying a few of our traditional holiday favorites that would we would be sad to miss out on- it is just once a year, right?  – Grandmamma’s sausage stuffing/dressing for Sydney, traditional mashed potatoes & gravy for Jonathan, pumpkin pie for the littles, and I just created an awesome recipe for homemade pumpkin-cinnamon croissants. Luckily we have planned to run our very first Turkey Trot that  morning  to combat the few “extras” we will still be enjoying.

What traditional recipes have you transformed or added to your holiday menu ?



5 Reasons to be Thankful Everyday

Leave it to the 15-year-old to give me great blog material. (Teenagers are good for that. Hangout with some from time to time, you’ll see.) Last night we were prepping a family dinner buffet in the kitchen, (Leftover Island as we sometimes call it – every man for himself, you know the drill), and discussing the upcoming holidays. The 15 yr old pipes up ” I hate Thanksgiving. Why do we even have celebrate it? It’s not like the pilgrims were the wise men.”

We were puzzled because he usually loves the holidays but figured it was just typical teen angst, right? All the world is dark and life as we know it has no value, blah, blah, blah…..right? That was the path I was expecting the conversation to take.

Instead he explained his statement , through a bite of mashed potatoes and a bread roll torn into pieces: “Shouldn’t we just  be thankful everyday and live a thankful life all the time? I am.”  (All of a sudden I was BEAMING!! On the inside of course, Moms of teens have to play it cool. ) 

Picture of kids smiling

I’m pretty thankful for each of these people in my life everyday. We are blessed with 4 amazing kids and 2 handsome nephews.

That comment while  unexpected from my sometimes cranky teen, got me to thinking about how we live and what teach our children about being thankful everyday. There are some pretty great everyday benefits to living a thankful life that have nothing to do with turkey, stuffing, or pilgrims.  Here are 5 of my favorites.

1 You will sleep better.  Psychology Today reported that people who spent 15 minutes writing down what they were thankful for they fell asleep faster and slept longer.

2 Your marriage will be stronger. Spending time thinking on the good things your partner does greatly impacts how you feel about them overall and reduces the stress of minor irritations. A simple “Thank You for…” also lets them know how much you appreciate them.

3 You wont get sick as often.  Studies have shown those who practice daily gratitude go to the doctor less often,  show signs of feeling less pain, have lower blood pressure and are less likely to develop mental disorder.

4 You will be happier.  When I was behaving ungratefully as a child, my dad always referred to it as needing an “attitude adjustment”.  It has been said that ‘bad is stronger than good’. Have you ever noticed how 1 negative thought can turn your day upside down? By thinking about all the things you have to be thankful for, even for just a few minutes, you will have reset your mental attitude balance to more good thoughts than bad.

5 You will be more attractive.  People who are thankful smile more. Studies have shown that people who smile more are judged as more attractive by the majority. People who smile are often friendlier, have a better sense of humor and are more socially engaging.

BONUS: 6 You will have better friends. True story. Just ask the Golden Girls. “Thank you for being a friend….”