5 Tips for having Success with your New Fitness Goals

Last year, I started a series here called Fitness Fridays. We reviewed fitness gadgets & workout gear, talked about upcoming 5K/10K runs, and updates on training. Y’all were awesome at cheering me on and keeping me accountable to my goals. I accomplished SOOOOO much more than I thought I was capable of. I’ve already set some goals for the new year too.

I’ve already gotten started by beginning an Arbonne Feeling fit kit/detox program ( more on that tomorrow) to help me recover from the holidays. I’ve registered both my husband and myself for a Camp Gladiator boot-camp this month and I’ve joined a running challenge with my former boot-camp instructor. I will also be continuing my daily walking/running with my friends & groups. I’m also learning more about using essential oils to keep myself & my family healthy.

5 tips to meet your fitness goals

Chances are you’ve probably got some new years fitness goals ready to go too. Knowing where you want to be is the easy part. Knowing how to get there can be tricky sometimes.  Don’t let that slow you down from being awesome this year! Here are some things that helped me to reach my goals last year and I will continue doing them to meet my new goals too. Hopefully you can work them into helping you have success with your new goals.

1) Make a Plan– No one becomes successful at anything by accident. Fitness is the same way. Sign up for that gym membership but also get a schedule of classes and decide which ones fit with your schedule right now. Schedule an appointment with a trainer. Write it in your calendar. Most of us will follow through if we’ve set it up as an appointment. Also schedule a goal to train for maybe a 5k a few months from now. It will give you something to train for.

2) Create a Support System– Beyond your spouse or family, I suggest having two or three people who are working toward a similar goal. I have two friends that meet to walk in the mornings. Our schedules are similar and so are our goals. We encourage one another to keep going and motivate each other when we don’t really feel like working out. This year we will do some running too. Last year I also participated in a local running group. I was super scared thinking all these “super athletes” would leave me in the dust like a fat kid in gym class. Not at all what happened! They were amazing. They encouraged me to meet my goals, never left me behind and were never judgmental. I was so proud of what I accomplished and to be a part of such an awesome group of people.

3) Create both short-term and long-term goals– This is super important. Sure, we all want to reach the mountain top but the journey to the top is tough. You are going to need to rest along the way and its easy to get discouraged when you think you have been working so hard and still have so far to go. By making smaller goals you are less likely to give up and it makes finally getting to the top more exciting. And since you set up a rockin’ support system, they will all be cheering you on!!

4) Create rewards NOT associated with food or food related activities– This is a tough one. Almost everything we do revolves around food. We celebrate, comfort, and gather around food. Try planning new activities you’ve never done before, think rock climbing, renting a boat for a lake cruise, or even a segway ride. Offering to plan activities for your group can help you celebrate and encourage everyone in your group to be more active. Daily deal websites like Groupon or Living Social can be a great way to find these activities.

5) Don’t give up – We all have big expectations at first and when we don’t see big results right away its easy to feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. Let me assure you, change IS happening. Your scale may not be changing but maybe your clothing starts to fit differently. Or maybe you have more energy than ever before or maybe you are inspiring your family to live a more fit lifestyle. Change is happening and you will meet all your goals in time if you don’t quit.

What are your goals for the new year? What is your best tip for meeting a fitness goal?