Traveling to Tahoe : Winter Adventure Day 1 #SorentoFamily

Traveling to Tahoe #SorentoFamilyGetting out and adventuring together as a family is what life is all about. Sunshine or snowfall, the Chases are all about finding the next adventure any time of year. So when Kia Motors America invited us to join them for some #SorentoFamily winter fun in Lake Tahoe at The Ritz-Carlton, we jumped on a plane and were on our way!

Naturally, living in Texas we didn’t own a lot of true winter gear. Skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, snowball fights, and well, virtually every activity we would be participating in required winter gear that we didn’t previously own.  Solution: #SorentoFamily

Did you know you can rent everything you need for the ultimate winter vacation and have it delivered right to your doorstep or resort ?! That eliminates a lot of the pressure of shopping, stuffing bulky coats, boots, gloves, goggles and everything else into your suitcase and traveling with it. Fast growing children also means renting is a much more economical option rather than investing to only get one trip out of it. We will never choose to do it any other way now and have recommended this option to several friends going on their own winter adventure.

Once we’d packed up, we headed to the airport and off to Lake Tahoe. Sebastian was super excited to check a few photos off his travel photo checklist before we had even arrived. This one with the pilots was at the top of his list.

Picture with the Pilots #SorentoFamily

When we landed we were met at the airport by some of our favorite Kia representatives who directed us to the Kia Sorento we would be driving during our stay. They were incredibly thoughtful to equip our Sorento with a cooler of our favorite snacks and a warm blanket for our drive to the resort.

#SorentoFamily Snacks

The Sorento was the perfect vehicle for our adventure! The automatic liftgate and spacious trunk made it easy to load our many bags and the other luxury features kept the whole family comfortable inside.

#SorentoFamily Luggage

#SorentoFamily features

The Kia Sorento has heated seated warmers for the front AND back seats, heated steering wheel keeping the driver’s hands toasty warm, and an expansive sunroof keeping the gorgeous mountain peaks and treetops in full view. It also provides just enough lighting for the PERFECT selfies!

Family Selfie #SorentoFamily

Our navigation system kept us going the right way even while we kept distracting each other with “LOOK OVER THERE! OH WOW!” due to all the beautiful scenery we were driving through. Thankfully, Sebastian brought his GoPro along so we wouldn’t miss a thing.

Want to see what the whole drive was like? Check out the time lapse of our drive below!

Being that this was the very first time for the kids to experience what show was really like, we knew would want to pull over and stop along the way, let them play a little bit and capture their first reactions to this gorgeous landscape. I’m so glad we did because, you guys, I’m just in love with the pictures we got and the expressions on their faces are ones I’ll never forget.

Playing in the snow lake Tahoe Kia Sorento #Sorento Family

Kaitlyn first look Lake Tahoe #SorentoFamily

We played and played. Each time we stopped it took a bit of cajoling to gather our excited children back into the Sorento so we could make our way to the Ritz-Carlton in time for check in. I couldn’t really blame them it was a beautiful day to be outside.

Kaitlyn scaling rocks in Tahoe #SorentoFamily

Lake Tahoe Trees and Kids #SorentoFamily

We were haveing so much fun on all our little roadside stops together and the real activities hadn’t even begun yet. I truly wanted to live in these moments forever.

Finding a little zen in the snow #SorentoFamily

Pushups over the water Tahoe #SorentoFamily

We encouraged them to take a few moments of zen to focus and regroup. Then off to the Ritz! They had no idea how much more fun there was to come!

This week we will have several more posts covering our Winter Adventure in Lake Tahoe. I hope you will check back each day for a new post! Until then you can check out some of our photos and social posts we did on site by following the hashtag #SorentoFamily on instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



Lake Tahoe Adventures and the 2016 Kia Sorento #SorentoAdventure

If you have never visited Lake Tahoe in the spring, I highly suggest putting it on your bucket list. This May I was invited on an all expense paid trip, to experience the luxury of the all new 2016 Kia Sorento with gorgeous Lake Tahoe as our setting. My hosts from Kia were wonderful, attending to every detail of my travel and accommodations. I can’t wait to share all the details of this adventure with you!

Lake Tahoe Kia Sorento #SorentoAdventure

As soon as I stepped off the plane at the Reno/Tahoe airport, I knew I would love it here. The air was crisp, not to cool and nothing like the heat of Texas.  Upon receiving our luggage at the airport, our drivers were waiting to greet us and  direct us to our vehicles beginning the scenic drive to The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe where we would be staying.  To say that it was a great first impression would be an understatement.

Kia sorento #sorentoadventure begins

Road to our Kia Sorento adventure #sorentoadventure

Lake Tahoe The Ritz Carlton #sorentoadventure

If you’ve ever stayed at a Ritz-Carlton property you know the service is unparalleled. Over the course of our adventure, Kia proved that they have marked a similar course for their clientele. After we checked in to our rooms to freshen up and unpack our things, we met up for light conversation, a few games, and  Marshmology.

Marshmology Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe #sorentoadventure

Marshmology is a signature event of the Ritz where you can learn about the history of the marshmallow and  s’more ingredients from The Ritz-Carlton Marshmologist while enjoying complimentary gourmet s’mores.  Think marshmallow flavors like passion fruit, tarragon, and caramel. Our group may/may not have been waiting patiently to be first in line.

Marshmology Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe

After enjoying an assortment of gourmet confections. We returned to our rooms to dress for dinner and regroup to embark on the first of our adventures together:  a food adventure at Restaurant Trokay, in downtown Truckee, California. Every member of the staff treated us as though they had extended a personal dinner invitation to us that evening. From pairing to presentation, during several courses, every detail was suburb. The best way to describe our meal comes directly from the Trokay website “Some places need to exist so that you can rediscover what is real. So that your sense of possibility is restored, so that you stop thinking that there is nothing new in the world and nothing left to learn. Trokay is that kind of place.”  I have to say that Trokay brought me to a new place of adventure and excitement for cuisine as an experience.

Trokay  #sorentoadventure

coffee #sorentoadventure

The next morning after breakfast and coffee (always, coffee.), we paired up with our drive partner and selected our favorite Kia Sorento to explore the roads of Lake Tahoe for ourselves.  2016 Kia Sorento line up Lake Tahoe #sorentoadventure

Meet my drive partner & friend, Heather from It’s a Lovely Life– she’s one of my favorites!

Kia Sorento Drive partners #sorentoadventure

The luxury we had experienced on this trip transitioned right into the sleek, sophistication of the Kia Sorento chosen for our drive that day. One of my first thoughts was that it was spacious without being overwhelming. Definitely a vehicle my entire family could feel comfortable in but also one I would want to drive everyday.

Driving the 2016 Kia Sorento #sorentoadventure

We took just a moment before we got on the road to quickly pair devices to play our road-trip playlist because, well, music…. I can personally vouch that the Kia Sorento will be able to keep up to any expectations of great sound. (Let’s just say a selection of our playlist was “worldwide”)

2016 Sorento SXL

I had always heard lake Tahoe was absolutely beautiful and I was finally getting a glimpse of what everyone had been talking about. The water is so pure you can see through it.

Clear waters of lake tahoe #sorentoadventure

You can feel the sun warm your skin while enjoying the view of a snow capped mountain range.

Lake Tahoe Mountains #SorentoAdventure

We stopped several times along our drive to take it all in. It was one of those times you just wanted to soak in the moment so that you can relive it again. I’m not a person typically moved by nature but this was perfection.

Kia-sorento-lake tahoe vacation home #sorentoadventure

Halfway through our route we stopped for coffee (always, coffee!) and to switch drivers. When I was driving I had hardly noticed how winding and curvy the roads were. The drive was so smooth and seamless in the Kia Sorento that the twist and turns weren’t even a consideration.

Curvy Roads Lake Tahoe Kia Sorento  #SorentoAdventure

Although our drive was several hours, the luxury of the Sorento and the beautiful scenery never got tiring. We both agreed that we could have easily driven this route all day.

Once we arrived back at The Ritz-Carlton, we were immediately welcomed to a refreshing lunch on the patio to recharge for our next outdoor adventure.

San pellegrino lunch Lake Tahoe #sorentoadventure

We were given the opportunity to choose between hiking and kayaking. Although I had never kayaked, (& frankly, scared to death that I would topple into the freezing lake water, in front of everyone!) I  choose kayaking. I confess there was a lot of decision making and dialogue that occurred before I finally committed to my chosen adventure. I was unsure at first but I was brave and am so glad I did. It was a huge success! I even completed a challenge to switch kayaks in the middle of the lake.  Group Kayaking Kia Sorento #SorentoAdventure

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe #sorentoadventure

Definitely a memory I will never forget and sharing it with friends made it even more special.

Lake Tahoe #sorentoadventure friends

We had a great time of driving and adventure that day but there was still more adventure to be had. We were told there was a special surprise for us at dinner. We kept trying to get hints and clues to figure it out but none of us could have guessed what was in store.

Iron Chef Ritz  Carlton Lake Tahoe #sorentoadventure

We were introduced to the Chef of The Ritz and handed official Ritz-Kia aprons. Then it was announced that we would be competing in our own Iron Chef event. We had 1 hour to devise, prepare, and present a meal worthy of the head chef’s approval. You know, no pressure. Actually it was one of the most intense and creative competitions I have participated in.

Iron Chef Ritz Carlton #sorentoadventure Collage

It was so interesting to see how different people took on roles that you wouldn’t have expected. Some immediately took charge. Some were the best at assisting and anticipating needs before issues arose. Others kept the mood light so the the pressures of cooking didn’t make anyone overheat. I have never felt an hour pass more quickly. Before we knew it the hour had passed and we were presenting our creations. We would be judged on the same scale the chefs at The Ritz-Carlton are judged upon. Eeek!

While Chef judged our creations, we were guided to another fantastic meal outside under the canopy of the tallest trees and a starlit sky.

Dinner under the stars Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe

Iron Chef winner Kia Lake Tahoe  #sorentoadventure

While our team wasn’t announced as the overall winner, I loved the experience of working with several unique personalities and seeing their strengths come together under pressure to create something fabulous. That’s what life is all about!

I made a few quips about this being the spot of my “next” vacation home. You just never know. I love adventure and this was one I would do all over again. I have a feeling my travels will lead me back here very soon. I mean, who isn’t looking for a little bit more of this in their life?!

Kia-sorento-lake tahoe vacation home #sorentoadventure

Interested in learning more about getting behind the wheel of the 2016 Kia Sorento like the one I drove? Check it out here, Facebook, & Twitter.