10 Best Labor and Delivery Memes

This week has been an emotional roller coaster of pregnancy, labor and delivery experiences. Today especially. I have no behavior left. For your amusement ( and mostly to keep me occupied) while we anxiously await the arrival of baby girl, Here are the best memes to help you laugh your way along.

10 BEST Labor and Delivery Memes

waiting on labor

dad in labor meme

sex to bring on labor

waiting on the homies labor

still waiting labor meme

waiting on labor to be over

bloggers giving birth labor

labor delivery meme

inducing labor

gorilla Labor meme


Tiny Human Coming Soon! eta Jan 2017

baby announcement

This is a pretty big announcement to be making and we are very excited to finally be sharing with all of you! But before you guys get all excited we should probably sort out a few details….

We’re Adding Another Baby to the Family!!

While we are totally welcoming a new tiny bundle of joy into the crew, I AM NOT PREGNANT.  So while  I won’t be having my own baby in my belly ever again, we are getting something even better! We’ll be having a GRANDbaby. ( note:  we are NOT using the words grandmother/grandfather at this time. That will get you unfriended faster than bringing up crazy political talk.  Our official new titles are embargoed. TBD.) Our oldest daughter Sydney and our soon to be son, Paul are having a little girl this coming January and they are just the cutest soon to be parents.


We had their baby shower yesterday and I have a ton of pictures to share from that.  I’m sure there is a ton everyone wants to know since we’ve been a little quiet about this the last few months. We choose to make an effort to only share with close friends and family in the beginning. You never really know how the stages of pregnancy will be the first time around and we didn’t want to cause any undo stress. Now that we are in the safe zone,  we are free to celebrate, poppin bottles and be in full anticipation mode of the tiniest new one. I cannot wait to hold tiny baby feet and hands.


There will be a lot more to share in the coming weeks before the baby arrives.  I hope you will keep checking back here for more updates along the way!!! Be sure to follow on facebook, instagram, and twitter too!

Also, my sister and brother in law Aaron are also expecting their first baby boy , Harrison Tate,  in February 2017.We celebrated a shower for him this past weekend as well. It is safe to say we are all in full baby mode right now.

Best Baby Advice?

We are also welcoming any awesome new parenting advice you have to offer. Leave your best advice in the comments and I’ll be sure to share with the new parents to be!