Enjoy Pomegranates the EASY way

 Quick & Easy Pomegranates

quick & easy pomegranates

Although the holidays are filled with plenty of sugary treats and sweets, one of my favorite healthy treats this time of year are pomegranates. They are delicious and provide a huge health benefit too.  They help stomach upsets, menopausal hot flashes, conjunctivitis, osteoarthritis, lowers blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, wards off the flu, reduces inflammation, reduces risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol. Pomegranate juice packs a high antioxidant potency punch and protects against heart attack and stroke. Take about a super-fruit!

My only hesitation to eating them has been work they can be getting to the seeds. Well, that is until I learned this AWESOME trick!!

Now they are no work at all! Check out the video below:

Now that you’ve saved all that time, here are some great ways to enjoy them:

How to Enjoy Pomegranate Seeds
1. Sprinkle on breakfast. Pomegranate goes great with a ton of other fruits and berries, so mix them in with your breakfast favorites! You will  love these little guys sprinkled on a cup of oatmeal or Greek yogurt.

2. Be Saucy. Cranberry sauce doesn’t need to be reserved only Thanksgiving. Serve a cranberry-pomegranate variation that mixes up the flavor and ups the nutritional value . This goes nicely with grilled chicken all year-long.

3. Top your veggies. Instead of nuts top things off with some fresh pomegranate seeds instead. They’re especially delicious on salads and roasted carrots & Brussel sprouts.

4. Juice it. While eating the pomegranate “seeds”are the best way to reap their nutrients, the juice still offers great benefits. Some preliminary research shows that drinking pomegranate juice might even improve blood flow to the heart.