3 Great Dallas Date Ideas : January 2020

Dallas Date Night Ideas January 2020

Don’t take your old date ideas into a new year. There is always something fun happening in Dallas and in 2020 we’re aiming to bring you three new ideas each month to schedule for your sweetie or at least get you in the creative mindset to keep things fresh with your friends.

Each month you’ll get suggestions for one night out, one daytime activity, and one unique, fun or quirky idea that will make you the envy of all your friends. Here are our three great date ideas in Dallas for January 2020:


You’ll never have search for a conversation starter during Social Science Night at the Perot Museum Friday, Jan 24 7pm – get tickets here

Looking for something new to do on date night? Overdue for an evening out with friends? Social Science events transform the Museum into an adults-only hangout complete with innovative experiments, dynamic performances, engaging discussions, amazing inventions, and intriguing interactions — all specifically designed for adults. Roam the Museum in a kid-free environment with a signature cocktail or craft beer in hand.

The January the theme at the Perot Museum is ENGine-uity. Take your innovative ideas and put them to the test as you create, hack, and invent solutions to the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Hear about the clever projects local engineers are working on and mingle with inventors while sipping on a cocktail.

Friday, January 24 starting at 7 pm. Ticket Prices: $29 Public, $20 Member


Spend the Day Exploring the Newest Exhibition Crow Museum of Asian Art’s Beili Liu: One and Another

Opening January 18th, this exhibition kicks off an exciting initiative of the Crow Museum – the Texas Asian Women Artists Series, a landmark, three-year series of exhibitions honoring the cultural traditions of Asia with new contemporary voices from Texas women. Beili Liu: One and Another is the inaugural exhibition.

Working with everyday materials and elements such as thread, scissors, paper, stone, fire and water, Liu manipulates their intrinsic qualities to extrapolate complex cultural narratives. Her work has been exhibited in Asia, Europe and across the United States, and she has held numerous solo exhibitions at internationally renowned venues.

The museum is always free, although donations online or in person are appreciated. Hours Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For a Unique, Quirky, Fun Date:

Crushing on someone at the office? Invite them to the newest Office themed Pop- Up Bar : Dunder Whiplin, Inc. Wednesday-Saturday from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. through Feb 15

Office Themed Pop Up Bar Dallas Dunder Whiplin

This is wayyyy better than just going out for a drink after work. The Whippersnapper bar has transformed into an Office themed pop-culture haven complete with photo booths, themed food and drink menus, employees in costume and murals from local artists from the show. Whether your date is already a major Micheal Scott fan or one in the making, go visit and then invite them over to rewatch your favorite episodes.

Dunder Whiplin Dallas pop up bar

Hopefully these will give you some fresh ideas to start a spark in the Dallas area this January. We’ll be back in just a few weeks for Febuary the month of love with 3 more ideas. Comment below or reach follow us online to let us know which of these was your favorite.

Rep a new spot you think or readers should know about? email us and maybe we’ll feature it too!

An Exciting New Job Announcement

Last week I shared about my journey of looking for something new in the workplace after a decade of working for myself. I am thrilled to share that a wonderful position presented itself and my transition back into a salaried workforce has been a delightful one. This week will complete a full month of downtown office space, commuting, and new colleagues.

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted a new position at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas. Beginning in May 2019, I joined the marketing department managing social content for the Museum.

I am grateful for the many years I spent blogging, writing, and the immense experience I gained starting and growing businesses along the way. While I will still frequently be sharing stories here, this new position will allow me to focus on social media content and community building for another institution which is truly my area of expertise.

It was always my intention that every step of my journey would lead to the next leap. I feel so fortunate to be where I am, with brilliant minds, people who are passionate about what they do and sharing it all with others.

Admittedly my job was really great before and it was going to take something of extreme interest to compare. New dinosaur discoveries, stunning gems, exploring hominids, and inspiring minds through nature and science is a wonderful way to fill your days. It’s an extremely cool gig if you can get it. I’m really proud to announce that I’ll be there to share the stories of discovery and events happening there online now.

If you’re in Dallas or visiting the area, come see me at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. I’d love to see you and always happy to take a tour with you and point out some of the fascinating things I’ve learned along the way.

Experience Dallas : the Perot Museum

Perot Museum of Nature and ScienceProduct disclosureWe love Dallas and have some very favorite places here. The Perot Museum is definitely one of our top favorite places in Dallas for families. Have you been to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science recently? Here are some of the awesome things happening there right now!

This season the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a wonderland of extreme sports, expanded robot arena, and a fantastic line up of 3D films. They are also hosting a “New Year” sleepover and extended holiday hours for you to visit with your families over the holiday break. ( Click here to plan your visit and see special hours)

Traveling exhibits : 2theXtreme: MAthAlive! 

Kaitlyn Perot Museum

Our family got to experience the traveling exhibit 2theXtreme: MAthAlive! This was so fun and really showed our kids how much math they use without even realizing it. We experienced snowboarding, captured 360 degree pictures of ourselves, and had a “binary dance party”. What can I say? Who doesn’t love a great dance party any time any place?

360 Perot Museum

rock climbing Perot Museum

Snowboarding at the Perot MuseumThere were over 40 unique interactive experiences which made the math really come to life for us. Video game, sports, fashion, music, and robotics were all represented in a way that really spoke to our kids and a way that made an impact.

We were also able to enjoy one of the 3D films in the Perot Museum’s 297 seat state of the art digital theater ( to view trailers and see the film schedule go to perotmuseum.org) Last time we were there we saw Pandas.

3D Film Perot Museum

It was our daughter’s favorite film and she has loved studying pandas ever since. On this visit our son picked the movie Robots 3D presented by National Geographic. It was really eye-opening to see what it takes to make a “humanoid” robot.  After seeing the trailer for Galapagos 3D, about discovering the Galapagos Islands, I think both all of us were excited to come back for another 3D film here!

See a 3D Film at the Perot Museum

Whether it is your first or fifth visit to the Museum, you can always get a fresh perspective by checking out the Samsung Galaxay Tab 8 tablets that provide interactive experiences on every level.

Samsung Galaxy Tablets at the Perot Museum

The tablets highlight unique aspects of the Museum from exhibits to the engineering of the building The tablets are interactive and make it game like for younger visitors. The tablets are free of charge ( one per family) on a first come basis. A driver’s licence is all that is required to check it out.

The Perot Museum is such a great place for family fun anytime of year. It would be perfect for a family gift this Christmas. Learn more about membership, special events, hours, and the newest exhibits at perotmuseum.org. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.