Winter Olympic Commercials are better than Superbowl Commercials #Sochi2014

sochi 2014 logo

Ok, maybe it’s because football isn’t really my thing, but I really believe that the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Commercials are better than the Superbowl commercials. Maybe it’s because as a mom of 4, who all have big personalities and even bigger dreams, I can relate. I mean, I’ve done a lot of picking up over the years. If you are a mom (or dad) you probably have too.

When you dream big, you also risk big.

You love big and you fall big.

And when (NEVER if) you win, you win BIG.

It makes all the falling, setbacks, and pain worth it. Falling only makes us stronger.

It’s also so awesome to get to be the mom or dad who has seen the whole story and believed the whole time. Maybe it’s not an 2014 Winter Olympic medal in Sochi but you know when you are raising ┬áchampions. And let’s face it, life is tough. We can all raise champions.

And this one, Geez….no matter how many years pass. No matter how many inches taller than you they grow. Through the magic of parenthood, you are always able to view them through a filter that reminds you of the tiny hands and feet the day they were born.