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Thank you to Medtronic for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to give back to my community!

We all want to make a difference in the communities that we live in. We also usually have an excuse for why we aren’t doing it right now. Often it’s a shortage of time or money. Sometimes it’s because we compare the things others are doing and think that what we would do wouldn’t make enough of an impact. It’s important to remember that we all have something valuable to give. Sometimes it is something tangible we give to others and other times it’s the way we inspire others that is the  greater gift.

Medtronic has selected 10 honorees from around the world, each of whom has overcome a life-changing medical challenge, such as heart disease, scoliosis or diabetes, and has realized the true brevity of life. These people had every excuse to give up, leave their troubles at the hospital and try to return to their lives before their crisis. But they didn’t. They realized that they have been granted a second opportunity to live each day to the fullest.  Each of these honorees has contributed their best lesson for overcoming excuses and giving back.


Embrace What’s Difficult – Samantha Peterson


One of the lessons that impacted me as I read through this was from Samantha Peterson. Her lesson, Embrace What’s Difficult, stuck out to me because so often we push away the things that don’t come easily to us. It is when we embrace difficulties that we become stronger people and inspire those around us. In the process we all become stronger.  You can read the stories behind all the honorees lessons here.

There are little ways we can all give back and make a difference, starting now. I have so many great friends with generous hearts and big ideas. I know some of you could do something amazing and Medtronic wants to help you. We are partnering to give one lucky reader $100 to make a difference in their community.  Wanna Win? Read on for details.

How do you give back to your community?

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