LeapTV from LeapFrog is a great Christmas gift idea! #LeapTV

Recently I was selected by BSMMedia and LeapFrog to host a sponsored MommyParty introducing the new LeapTV. I was given free product to host the party and as always I will be giving you my honest thoughts here.
LeapTV product

What is LeapTV?

LeapTV from LeapFrog gets kids into the action while teaching core skills across a variety ofsubjects including: reading, mathematics, science and problem solving. Designed for kids ages 3-8, the system uses a motion-sensing camera and controller that fits small hands. Audio instruction makes it simple for even the youngest kids to play solo or with a friend!

LeapTV Games

With a library of 9 cartridge games at launch and 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved games and videos available by year-end, kids never run out of fun! Games adapt to each child’s level-starting with the most basic skills and then automatically adjusting the learning for the perfect challenge. We were able to play with both the LeapFrog Sports and  LeapFrog Dance & Learn games at out party.


On the day of our party, we got our system all set up with plenty of space in the living room and it didn’t take long! That part was a such a blessing. Have you ever had an experience where you are trying to get a new game or tor set up and by the time you are finished your child is frustrated and completely uninterested? That will not be the case with LeapTV. It does require you to connect with your wifi *( You can register it with your LeapFrog account- we already had one from our other LeagFrog products) but getting it out of the box and set up took less than 5 minutes.  Our 8 year old helped with a majority of setup. It really is that easy! LEAPTV setup

I will recommend that you set up in the part of your home that is most well-lit. To get the best quality for some of the games we required more light. To fix this we brought in another bright lamp in the room. After we did that the kids were ready to play!


The kids that were able to come to our LeapTV party were the perfect ages. We had 3 and 4 year olds who had never had much experience with video games, 5-6 year olds, and 7-8 year olds. The boys liked playing the sports games quite a bit but EVERYONE loved to dance!

LeapTV dance party

We had a great time and at the end of our party several of the kids asked when they could come back and play LeapTV again. I assured them with many chilly days coming up we would have many more LeapTV play dates. This system keeps everyone moving, is educational, and the kids are excited to These factors make the LeapTV an ideal Christmas gift!

Check out our video for more of our LeapTV MommyParty Fun!

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Fit Made Fun Day with LeapFrog & CLIF Kid! #FitMadeFun

I received free products in order to host the LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own
Leapfrog LeapBand Fitmadefun

Fitness has become such a big part of our family lifestyle that we were thrilled when we were asked to participate in Fit Made Fun Day with Leap Frog & CLIF Kid! On Saturday September 6th, 300+ kids and families set out to achieve a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD®. In honor of the launch of the new LeapBand activity tracker for kids, Fit Made Fun Day encouraged families to get up and participate in fun creative activities while having fun together. LeapFrog also invited families nationwide to host their own Fit Made Fun Day!

Our Fit Made Fun Party Day with Leapfrog, LeapBand, & CLIF Kid

We had a blast participating in the Fit Made Fun Day record-breaking challenge. We challenged the kids at our party to 3 different activities, with each activity lasting 10 minutes. We also water and plenty of CLIF Kid bars ready at the refreshment table to keep everyone hydrated and properly fueled for activity.

Our first activity challenge was a snorkel dance party. Think freestyle swim while holding your nose and wiggling your body around. We had fun “Under the Sea” music playing to keep us all moving. 1o minutes of continuous dancing is a great workout!

For our next part of the challenge, we made grass angels. These were just like snow angels but on this hot day we could only wish for snow!  When the 10 minutes were up we took a water break and got ready to finish up our challenge.

Our 3rd and final challenge was “Follow the Leader”.One participant was selected as the leader and the other participants were to follow the leaders instruction to complete a movement. Some of the fun ones were “jump like a kangaroo”,  “swim like a stingray”, and “crawl like a bear”.  Believe it or not the adults in our group had done a few “bear crawls” themselves at their workout earlier that morning. We all had a good chuckle when they threw that one out there. Bear crawls are tough!

leapfrog leapband

The kids were so excited to get to try out the LeapBand activity tracker! Our own kids have watched both mom & dad utilize our Fitbits for over a year now to keep us motivated toward health goals. The LeapBand makes physical activity so much fun for kids. It really promotes an active lifestyle and continued healthy habits.

leapfrog leapband features

I was curious if the novelty would wear off after our Fit Made Fun party but there are no signs of the excitement slowing. They are loving the LeapBands!! They put them on each morning after their shower. I love that it has a rechargeable battery. We simply charge it on the laptop before they hop into bed at night.

I suspect these will be a HOT Christmas item! You can order yours online or pick one up in stores nationwide. The LeapBand activity tracker (MSRP $39.99) is available now in green, pink and blue. Activities and challenges are free and available for download www.leapfrog.com.

Leapfrog Leapband CLIF Kid Bar

Even though the hot temperatures will be cooling off soon be sure to remind your kids ( & yourselves!) to hydrate and fuel their well prior, during and after physical activity. CLIF Kid bars are a great way to do this and can be purchased at H-E-B, Costco, Target, and Walmart. Click here to find them at a retailer near you.

What are some of your family’s fun and creative ways to encourage each other to stay active?