West Covina Adventures with my Crazy Ex-Girlfriend #KiaDad

This past weekend I was scheduled to attend an on-campus fly-in class as a requirement for my masters program in California. After talking with the amazing people at Kia, I was given a new 2017 Kia Sportage to drive while in town. I couldn’t allow this opportunity to be all work and no adventure, now could I?? We had just finished up a conversation about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and West Covina was just around the corner from where I was staying. So…….

Kia Dad adventure West Covina

I arrived with studious aspirations but as soon as I was inside the vehicle, I thought “HMMMMM, this is just way too cool of a car to drive to and from campus, I need to have some fun!!”  

After pondering for a moment about where was, I did what any rational human with a vehicle, a full tank of gas, and a few hours to kill…. I drove to West Covina, California

Kia Dad Adventure West Covina
I know what you are thinking… “Who drives to West Covina (just two hours from the beach)???” Okay, Okay….the residents of West Covina argue that the beach is a *little* closer than two hours. Someone actually even mapped it. 

While traffic allowances may still make the beach drive time debatable, anyone who has seen our favorite binge worthy Netflix show, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, just might want to check out West Covina too! When I realized how close I was by pulling up the address from the Apple Car Play/GPS navigation, off I went “To WEST COVINA…. CALIFORNIA… the pride of the inland Empire”

Kia Dad Adventure West Covina
I was pleasantly surprised to see that the city WAS pretty cool. I went to “Home Base” which I thought was just a place made up in Hollywood-land but in fact, it’s actually really there! Well sort of….

Kia Dad adventure West Covina Home Base

It’s really called “Big League Dreams”, the city’s sports complex. It does have replica ballparks, and seating just like the show. You’ll find six near-identical, scaled-down playing fields that are replicas of famous ballparks such as Boston’s Fenway Park, New York’s Yankee Stadium and Chicago’s Wrigley Field etc. where kids can play like pros under the lights. During my visit, there was actually a game in progress, so I didn’t get to go inside and take in all the splendor, but I got close.



Of course, once I found this spot I knew I couldn’t stop there. It was off to find the piece-de-resistance. The most important location…. the site of the Big Opening Number!!


So, I didn’t have a huge floating pretzel or a backup squad of 100 random citizens surrounding me in spontaneous flash mob dance style. In comparison, the area was starkly quiet and remarkably clean. The fountain wasn’t in opperation for MY performance but what are you going to do….  My expectations may have gotten a little high. It’s West Covina California after all. (water restrictions ??)


But that didn’t stop me from enacting my own rendition of the song.. NOPE, in fact it probably encouraged me. ( If you haven’t ever seen the original performance from the show- watch it first here to get the full effect of my performance.)

Surprisingly, the mall area was pretty big. They clearly used all the space they could in the opening song. It worked well too, though the signs didn’t sing to me like they did to Rachel Bloom in the show. In fact, there was nothing on most of the signs, but again its West Covina, on a weekday, what did I expect.


A fun surprise.. killing two birds with one stone as it were, was the office exterior for  “Whitefeather & Associates” ( the law office building where the main character from the show works), is actually found just north of the fountain quad I pointed out earlier. It’s the white building just behind me.


After breaking the silence by my song and dance, I knew it was time say goodbye to West Covina, and head back to class before I was late.  So, I packed up my hopes and dreams, and headed back to my Kia Sportage. I put in directions for the next stop and headed on.


The drive to campus seemed to take a lot less time, maybe because I was able to tap into my favorite music using Pandora and Spotify through Carplay

Once I got to campus it was time to find a spot, park and head to class.


This seems like as good as any spot. And I am sure they won’t mind, after all this MY adventure. 

Oh and just in case anyone is wondering…. I DID finally make it to the beach. 🙂

A #beautiful sunset is the perfect way to end an awesome trip #KIADad thanks @kiamotorsusa for driving me.

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Spent some #KIADad time at the beach… Love getting to relax after a long day of classes. @kiamotorsusa

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Have you watched “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” yet? We are always looking for great new show recommendations. What is your favorite Netflix show to binge watch? 

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