4 Fun Photo Ideas for the BEST Holiday Cards #HolidayCardPhotos

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I love the idea of sending Christmas cards. While it’s true that I love the idea of sending Christmas cards, in reality they usually end up being New Year’s cards by the time I’ve actually sent them to my intended loved ones. Keepin’it real y’all, keepin.it.real.   This is why my favorite cards to send and receive are photo cards. Laughter and merriment are not holiday specific which seems to best fit my mailing timeline. I also keep every photo card we’ve gotten through the years because I love seeing my friends faces as we unpack out our holiday decor. If you have happened to send a particularly fun photo it may get to stay out all year- feel free to take this as a challenge.

Christmas 2006 smile

The photo above is an old one of ours ( circa 2006) and not perfect in any way. That’s what made it my favorite that year. It was the real us. The “real” that comes through when you spend time with us. Through all of the perfectly posed frames during our photo session, this one was my favorite because it showed who we really were at that season of our lives. I encourage you to send cards that reflect who you are or something that is important to you. Maybe its quirky or off beat but your loved ones will get it and it will warm their hearts across the miles or even just across the street.

Now that I’ve got you all “pep talked” into creating the BEST holiday cards ever, here to help are some great ways to help you capture the photo and make it fun.

4 Fun Photo Ideas for the BEST Holiday Cards

#1 Baby It’s Cold Outside ( or maybe it’s not…)

Believe it or not there is a majority of the country that never sees snow in the winter. Your snowless friends love seeing pics of all that fluffy white stuff! Take your holiday pic outside. Have a snowball fight, build a snowman, or just enjoy the snow falling around you.

Ski, snow, sun and winter fun - happy family ski team

If you do live in the parts of the county that never see a flake,  you aren’t left out. Pair your bikinis with some Santa hats and head to the beach. No matter where you live get outside and include your surroundings in your photos.

Family in santa hats on beach, new year and christmas holiday

#2 Laughing all the way

There is something about seeing others laugh that lifts our spirits too. Let your family get a little silly and just start snapping pictures. There is bound to be at least one that makes you erupt into laughter when you are looking at them after. Chances are that’s your prized shot.


#3 Happy Howl-idays & Meow-y Christmas 

If you have furry family members ( no, I’m not talking about your Great Aunt Harriet), make them the holiday star this year. Cats, Dogs, Bunny,  maybe even your  hamster! Pets are a big part of your life so, let them take center stage on your holiday card. C’mon, just this once???


#4 Oh, what Fun! -Add  Props!

Use fun holiday props to add interest to your photos! Think items you already have. Ornaments, bows, strings of lights, candy canes, mistletoe, Considering using that Frosty the snowman you build in the front yard or mugs of hot coco in your jammies around the fireplace. If you happen to have a Santa hat, reindeer nose, scarves and mittens work well for holiday props too!


I can’t wait to see all the fun you guys have creating your holiday cards this year. In fact, I hope to see some of them in my mailbox! Whatever you do make it memorable and know that you really are sending a little bit of cheer with each Christmas card you write.

Happy Holidays Y’all!

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glitter holiday cards

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minted holiday cards

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minted holiday cards mini book

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