Fitness Friday – Health Goals Update

health & fitness goals

Hey friends! Its been a couple of Fridays since I’ve updated you all on my health & fitness goals but that doesn’t mean I have given up. I’m still pressing on and making progress.

Sleep: I’m finally getting enough sleep ( Lies!) I probably could use at least an hour more. But I am not working through the late hours of the night anymore. I struggled with this for a while, feeling guilty, like I could be so much more productive, successful, etc. Who needs sleep anyway?? I do & so do YOU! I had to put that thinking away and realize, I was more important & my health goals were more important.  Getting enough sleep is essential to any health goal. You can’t expect your body to function or recover if you aren’t letting it.

Camp Gladiator: We were gifted with a month of CG in Jan and made the decision to continue and sign up for the rest of the year. Today completed month 2 of CG. I cant wait to share my before & afters with you in a few months! It was both a mental and financial investment. I’ve got a few goals to meet this year and I need some consistency and accountability to get me there.  You can read more about why Camp Gladiator so worth it here .

Overall Weight Loss: I have lost approx 15 lbs. & several inches since Jan 6th. This is huge for me because I know I have gained muscle too I can see it & I can feel it. Winning!

Healthy eating: For the most part, I’ve been very selective about how I choose to eat. A conversation I had with my trainer this week changed my perspective on what choices I’m making: (paraphrased) “If you start eating like an athlete you will become an athlete. Most people train and still visualize themselves like the people they were when they were on the couch.” Since that conversation I’ve started asking myself “Would a healthy person eat this?” My answer usually determines what I put in my grocery cart and subsequently what I put in my body. I’m eating for my future now.

Ok, guys, that wraps up some of my health wins for the week. Do you identify with any of them? What are some of your recent wins?  

Comment below- I wanna know!!