Join the Adventure! GoBe Games #gobegames

GoBe GamesHave you ever watched the Amazing Race and thought “I could do that!” I know I have. It’s no secret that our family loves adventure. So when GoBe Games announced they were coming to Dallas I couldn’t wait to get a team together and sign up. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a triathlete or a Spartan to win this race ( but I suppose if you are, it couldn’t hurt, right?!)

GoBe Games is a 24-hour social adventure where you and your teammates tackle as many official GoBe challenges as possible in order to achieve citywide infamy and win awesome prizes like a trip for your team to travel to Costa Rica. Teams are comprised of 2-5 friends to compete other teams racing to complete as many of the 300+ challenges as possible in an action-packed 24 hours. Participants choose the challenges they like best and fulfill them in the most creative way that fits their team.

Photos and videos are submitted through the GoBe Games app and a live score is kept of who’s in the lead. After the 24 hours of racing are over, an awards ceremony/party  is held with live music and local food to cap off the event. The Grand Prize winners get a trip to Costa Rica for their team! ( I have my passport ready!)

The Dallas GoBe Games will take place May 22-23. You can register now by clicking here and use the discount code GOBEDFW83 for 20% off registration available to all my readers.

GoBe Games Giveaway (Coming Soon!)

So, are you up for the challenge?? I’ve got my team in place and we will be heading to Dallas in May to compete. We are so excited about this and we believe the more the merrier! We will be giving away 1 team entry ( up to 5 ppl) for GoBe Games soon so be sure to keep watch on our social channels for more info!

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