Join the Adventure! GoBe Games #gobegames

GoBe GamesHave you ever watched the Amazing Race and thought “I could do that!” I know I have. It’s no secret that our family loves adventure. So when GoBe Games announced they were coming to Dallas I couldn’t wait to get a team together and sign up. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a triathlete or a Spartan to win this race ( but I suppose if you are, it couldn’t hurt, right?!)

GoBe Games is a 24-hour social adventure where you and your teammates tackle as many official GoBe challenges as possible in order to achieve citywide infamy and win awesome prizes like a trip for your team to travel to Costa Rica. Teams are comprised of 2-5 friends to compete other teams racing to complete as many of the 300+ challenges as possible in an action-packed 24 hours. Participants choose the challenges they like best and fulfill them in the most creative way that fits their team.

Photos and videos are submitted through the GoBe Games app and a live score is kept of who’s in the lead. After the 24 hours of racing are over, an awards ceremony/party  is held with live music and local food to cap off the event. The Grand Prize winners get a trip to Costa Rica for their team! ( I have my passport ready!)

The Dallas GoBe Games will take place May 22-23. You can register now by clicking here and use the discount code GOBEDFW83 for 20% off registration available to all my readers.

GoBe Games Giveaway (Coming Soon!)

So, are you up for the challenge?? I’ve got my team in place and we will be heading to Dallas in May to compete. We are so excited about this and we believe the more the merrier! We will be giving away 1 team entry ( up to 5 ppl) for GoBe Games soon so be sure to keep watch on our social channels for more info!

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3 Yoga Moves to Quickly Improve Posture & Flexibility

Over the last year, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor to correct some lower back and hip issues. Today Stayfree has sponsored our post and has encouraged me to share some ways I’ve been able to benefit from yoga. My chiropractor instructed me do was a prescribed set of daily yoga exercises to enhance flexibility and strengthen my core. I wasn’t convinced at first that such small movements would change much but I have seen amazing improvement. Especially when I do them on a regular moves The 3 recommended poses my chiro recommended were easy to do and didn’t require a ton of space. This meant I could practice them easily throughout the day during a work break or when I traveled. I could tell a difference in my sleep and less tightness in my lower back within just a couple of weeks. Curious to know which ones they were? Ok, I’ll share 🙂

3 Yoga Moves to Quickly Improve Posture & Flexibility

1. Dog Tilt Pose

2. Balancing TableTop

3. Plank /Low plank

I was amazed at how quickly my posture improved and my flexibility increased. I am still visiting my chiropractor but less frequently and am able to schedule more time in between visits now. Because I have really been able to appreciate how yoga helps the whole body I wanted to add other poses in too. Last week I shared the Stayfree promotion in partnership with Gaiam TV. I’ve been able to access FREE online yoga classes for 30 days- it’s still going on! You  can sign up until March 12, 2015 (click here for more info!) I really like that that it has examples & explanations of each pose. Since I’m training for a half marathon coming up soon adding in strength and flexibility really so important.

Do you practice yoga? At home or in a class? What is your favorite pose? 

Six Weeks ‘Til Summer – Hydration


This week I kind of had a freak out. I realized we were sitting just outside SIX WEEKS UNTIL SUMMER.  Did you get that?

Six. Weeks. ‘Til. Summer.

Gah. I mean, overall I have made some amazing changes this year. I’ve made improvements to my diet. We workout several times a week with Camp Gladiator and find ways to get in additional exercise. I’ve maintained my goals I set back January. And I’ve even waved good-bye to several pounds and inches I no longer needed.

All good, right? Soooo, Why the freak out?  Simply this : I am not yet where I want to be. In six weeks I still may not be there, but I am determined to be closer than I was before. I was also kind of at a progress stall too. In fact, I was kind of moving backwards. I needed to do a little reevaluation of what was happening. It took me a few days to figure it all out but I discovered two things holding me back.  Hydration and Sleep. I’m still working to get my sleep schedule fixed up but for today let’s talk about the hydration issue.

I know all the benefits of drinking water and I even really like drinking water! ( Fun Fact: I haven’t had a soda in about 8-9 years and this year switched to green tea instead of black.) I had been drinking water every day but the key was how much water I was taking in.  The success key is making sure to drink enough water daily.  An easy way to estimate the number of ounces you should be drinking is to take your body weight and divide by 2.  Take that number and aim to drink at least that many ounces each day. Once I started doing that, I saw change take place fairly quickly.

Here are some other tips for getting in enough H2O every day:

  • Keep a bottle of water with you during the day. Bring a plastic or glass reusable water bottle everywhere you go and refill it throughout the day.
  • If plain water sounds boring, try infusing your water by adding slices of lemon or fruit to your drink. I will often add a few drops of Young Living essential oils to my glass water bottle.
  • When you are exercising, make sure you drink water before, during and after your workout.
  • Start and end your day with a glass of water.
  • When you’re feeling hungry, drink water. The sensation of thirst is often confused with hunger. True hunger will not be satisfied by drinking water.
  • If you have trouble remembering to drink water, try making a schedule. Make a plan to drink water when you wake up; at breakfast, lunch and dinner; and when you go to bed. Or drink a small glass of water at the top of each hour.
  • Only drink water when you go to a restaurant. It keep you hydrated and it’s free!

What are your best tips for getting in enough water every day? 


It seems I am wearing athletic clothing as often ( if not more) than my workday clothing lately. No matter what you are doing in your day your clothing should help you feel confident about who you are. I was thrilled recently find Fabletics who carries sizes from XXS through XXL. Many of you may have heard about Fabletics mainly because buzz about this online athletics retailer is everywhere. From SELF, People, Elle, Glamour, Daily Glow, Us, and even a great spotlight on the Rachel Ray show recently- Fabletics co-founder, the beautiful  Kate Hudson, has been helping women to find flattering workout pieces/outfits for every woman and every body type.

fabletics clothing

**UPDATE: Ok guys- It looks like this code may have expired but Fabletics is offering 50% off any outfit today only. Good news though- I am seeing lots of cute new product selections since I ordered mine. Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up. ( 3 pieces for 24.95 is still a steal of a deal!!)

Right now Fabletics is offering a FREE Workout Pant!

Just go HERE to sign up and redeem using the code JFPANT. Shipping is $4.95 but that is a great deal on a quality pair of workout pants! I have already ordered mine and will do a full review with more information as soon as they arrive but I didn’t want any of you to miss out on the opportunity to try Fabletics for yourselves!!

What part of your workout wardrobe needs the most updating?

Fitness Friday- “His & Hers” Camp Gladiator

Another week of 2014 down in the record books. Since its Friday, that also means its time for another Fitness Friday update!! One of the things I mentioned we would be doing first thing in 2014 was participating in a Camp Gladiator  boot-camp.

camp gladiator

Camp Gladiator is a four-week adult fitness boot camp that promises a motivating and challenging environment where men and women of all ages and fitness levels can push themselves. Campers should expect a total body workout. A typical session could include interval training, sprint and agility drills, stations, plyometrics, body weight strength drills, cardio mix, and much more. Camp Gladiator is designed to increase your functional strength, speed, stamina and, most importantly, to deliver results.”

There were a couple of things about this particular group that made me want to get involved and make me willing to set my alarms for 4:00 & 4:15 A.M.(reality check – it’s early. I need 2 alarms) . One of them was the CG mission ” To positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.”

That right there could have been enough to have me sold. But wait….There’s more…..

Our trainer & trainer’s assistant are phenomenal! They are hands down some of the most driven, motivating, and encouraging people I have met in a while. Not at all like the scary-yell-at-you- like-a-drill-sergeant type of trainers. Think more like someone who reallllly believes in your potential kind of trainer and isn’t giving up on you.


Someone who gives you pep talks at 5am that sound something like this :

” When we BELIEVE in ourselves we can EMPOWER others to BELIEVE in themselves! I Believe in each of you because you Believed in me enough to try CG! Since then, many of you have brought others to CG because they BELIEVED in You! I Believe in you because through your struggles, many of you have seen 60-100 pound weight loss. Some of you have changed the way of life for your entire family because they Believe in you. Blood Pressure meds have been significantly reduced or taken away all together. Joint pain has slowly disappeared and self esteem has risen dramatically! I Believed in you once because I knew you were stronger than you believed and I knew that you had more to give before I allowed you to give up. Now I Believe in you because you’ve learned to Believe in yourselves. You’ve learned that your effort at camp and your new habits in life are no longer there to make Trainer Byrd proud, but because you’ve learned to make yourself proud! I Believe in you and thank you for Believing in me.”

I might get up early just for the motivational speaking.

Now that we’ve gotten a couple of weeks under our belt,  I want to give you a sneak peek into our experiences at Camp Gladiator so far. I thought we would do it “His & Hers” style. 

His Story: 

Workout Diary: Day One: What doesn’t kill you makes you… Want to throw up in a dark parking lot, that’s how the song should go! But I don’t think Kelly Clarkson would have sold as many albums. 16° to some of my northerner friends may sound like a heat wave, but it’s cold and working out in it… Not easy, glad it’s done, glad I did it. (Mental note, don’t over do PF Chang’s the night before your workout) on the upside I got to wear ALL my running layers at one time, that was fun and totally functional & necessary. And what does one wear? 3 thermal layers, 2
Sets of socks, and a head wrap on a pair of ears (sung to 12 days of Christmas) but at least I’m done, that’s right finished at 6:30 am, not started at 6:30 like some crazy people might think.

Workout Diary: Day 2: It’s awkward you excited about working out in 35° weather because it’s literally 20° warmer than it was last time you worked out. Feel the burn… Should that happen the rest of the day? Cause it did. But I also know that means it’s working right?

Workout Diary: Day 3: Keeping it honest and real, I did not go work out today. Since I’m documenting my boot camp workout I feel the need to be totally honest. I was running on only four hours of sleep, it was raining this morning, haven’t been feeling 100% health wise. I figured exercising in the cold rain probably wouldn’t be the best thing for my head congestion. So there you go, exercise well, never give up, and be honest with yourself, some days are a fail. I’ll be back again Monday.

Workout Diary: Day 4: Pressed through killer allergy issues, and realizing that I took a Benadryl (which knocks me out)… Not a Claritin, oops. Just grabbed one not thinking, oh well, even with all that and missing a day I am still down 1.5 pounds and feeling much stronger.

Workout Diary: day 5: We went to the “zoo” ironically the first thing I made mention of during warm-up is how much I can’t stand jumping it makes me dizzy and I feel like I’m going to barf every time… So of course that was my first animal?…. Yep, the frog…. felt like I was going to die about three times through the workout. But I didn’t! (obviously a rough I wouldn’t be writing this)… So yes I will I survived the zoo, I’m a little disappointed we never did go to the Penguin, I could do some waddles  on the upside… Or should I say the downside I’ve lost 6 pounds! Feeling very strong albeit little out of sorts and a little out of my league compared to the other folks in class but I know don’t compare yourself to others it never goes well.

Workout Diary: Day 6: So today we had to bear crawl, I’m thinking no big deal, did that all through elementary school P.E. even being the fat kid I was able to get down and back…. Then the kicker was we had to push a weighted Medicine ball. Still it rolls how hard could it be right?! As the seasoned gladiators were rolling, and slowing, and crawling and, then really more slinking, I began sinking… this looked hard. So now it’s my turn, and I can’t fail my other fellow bears, so crawl away, I’m flying (as well as a bear can fly) for the first ¼ thinking this is nothing, I got this. Then I start feeling it, not sure if it’s the ball or the bear, whichever its kicking my rear.. my legs are the only thing growling at this point, as I get to the end I roll my ball straight and somehow a 15-20 pound ball decides to take a sharp left detour, right into oncoming bear traffic… not cool… all said and done, I made it back, feeling more like a Koala than a grizzly but in the end I made it… RAWR!! Feeling great, after working hard, feeling like I was going to lose it a few times and then not feeling well due to the CRAZY Mountain Cedar. I feel like I am on my game now. Hard workouts produce solid results.

Her Story:

Since we registered before Christmas, we had couple of weeks to mentally prepare. What we were not prepared for was the extreme drop in temperature that first morning.  A mere 16 degrees in Texas, y’all!  Surely it would be canceled. I mean we are outside, right??? Nope. Apparently CG is like the postal service- “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers campers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”

Our alarms went off and I can honestly say we thought seriously about just staying warm under the covers. We were about to sacrifice our comfort for something I was not entirely sure we would be good at. (-That was the lack of sleep talking) Instead of hesitating any longer, we threw on a couple more layers, made sure our hands and heads were covered and went to workout. You know what? I’m so glad we did. The other campers were so friendly greeting us and encouraging us during or workouts, many having been through their first day many camps ago. We weren’t cold for long either. After our warm up and as long as we were moving, we were completely comfortable outside. As the temperatures rose over the week so did our confidence.

That first week we felt a little more soreness than I had anticipated but we were also doing completely different movements than what we had been used to. We had spent much of 2013 learning how to run, eat right and incorporate all those things into a lifestyle that worked, but this was a whole different level. By the end of week 2 the soreness subsided and we are feeling much more confident. Not necessarily confidence in our ability to perform but in our ability to complete each workout.

As I’m typing this update today, I can relate this experience to much more than my workout routine. I have to be willing to step out of where its comfortable and do the work in whatever my circumstance. When I have a difficult task at hand, usually God has already placed people specifically there to help, encourage and motivate me. Maybe some have even had the same journey before me. Maybe sometimes I’m still nervous and not confident in my abilities yet. And maybe that’s good. Maybe as we continually do things that strengthen us, relying on faith, BELIEVING to get through, it’s a good thing and we arrive at places we’d hoped for but really never thought possible. 

Now that you’ve read our story, I want to hear your story! C’mon, I’m here to believe in YOU. What are you believing you can accomplish in 2014?