Simple Summer Celebrations with Klondike Kandy Bars

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After returning home from a fantastic family vacation last week, Father’s Day had somehow completely slipped off our radar. We always make elaborate plans to celebrate Dad for the weekend and of course, we weren’t going to let the weekend go by without letting him know how special he was to us. We just didn’t have any crazy plans on the schedule….yet. Sometimes it’s the simple celebrations that make life the most special.

The younger kids knew Dad loved water activities since we had enjoyed our time at the beach so much this last week. They decided Dad would enjoy a day at Hawaiian Falls on Saturday too. They had also seen a “Dads get in free on Father’s Day weekend” coupon. I have to say, I liked they for a coupon deal to celebrate with!

hawaiian falls fathers day
On Sunday, our teens planned a family movie outing with Dad to see X-Men. While they were to cool to say it directly, they both eluded that Dad was their own personal superhero.  I think that made him feel pretty special.

Simple Summer Celebrations with Klondike Kandy Bars

One favorite memory that each of our children share with their Dad is when he takes them out for ice cream to talk. We all decided it would be perfect addition to our Father’s Day celebration to add a special ice cream treat too. I make a quick stop at the store and picked up several flavors of KLONDIKE KANDY Ice Cream Bars. These were a new treat for us all to try but have now become a family favorite.

klondike kandy bar

With six people in our family everyone tends to have a different “favorite” flavor. Klondike Kandy Bars come in three great flavors to choose from, Cookies & Cream, Caramel & Peanuts, and Fudge Crunch, so everyone was happy. Being individually wrapped made them a perfect choice to grab on our way to enjoy at the park too. No bowls or serving utensils required for the Klondike Kandy Bars. Best of all nothing to clean up!

klondike kandy bar close up

I was going to snap a quick Father’s Day family photo to remember our day together but after the Klondike Kandy Bars came out, I seemed to have lost their attention. I think this shot proves everyone enjoyed their day together with Dad & its clear how much they enjoyed the Klondike Kandy Ice Cream Bars too!  Lean more about these delicious Klondike Kandy Bars on the Klondike website, Vine, and YouTube.

klondike kandy bar family

Our weekend was not elaborately planned out from the start or accompanied by a detailed schedule but  everyone still felt like it was a special celebration. We were together doing things with Dad that everyone enjoyed and creating memories for each of us. This experience has encouraged me to take a few days this summer and just celebrate the day. We may just celebrate being together. I hope you celebrate something soon too. Keep it Simple- Pick up a box of Klondike Kandy Bars at your local Target, Walmart or Safeway stores- and celebrate because its summer!

What are you going to celebrate this summer? What flavor of Klondike Kandy Ice Cream Bars are you most looking forward to trying?