Successful People Wear the Same Thing Every Day. Could you?

Research suggests the most successful people in the world spend the least time picking out their clothing each day. Often these people choose to wear the same outfit every day. It’s not a matter of finances, it is a matter of efficiency and conserving personal and mental energy for other, more important tasks. This got me thinking. Could I wear just one or two outfits if it simplified my life and made me more successful? What would I choose? Recently, prAna reached out and offered to send me some clothing to try out.  I was excited to receive them because the are more than just clothing designers- they are yogis, climbers, and world travelers too. This means I can actually live, work and play in the same outfits. Maybe this actually would make a better quality of life, thus bringing more success…. interesting to think about.

PrAna clothing

More now than ever I’m looking for versatile clothing that will work no matter where the day takes me.  I need to know that I can reach into my closet and find something that is stylish that I can put on in the morning to wear all day long. I also travel. A LOT. I need to have clothing that packs well and will work for a meeting or casual dinner.

PrAna Clothing pants

This week, I decided to test out the versatility of the prAna line. We have lots planned for Spring Break and I still have a few work obligations to fulfill. We’ll also be doing a bit of traveling so I’ll get to see how well they travel.  My first impression of the prAna line is very positive. The quality of the fabrics are fantastic.

The Cali dress quickly became a favorite. It comes in several colors and patterns but I chose a basic black since would want to wear it for several occasions. The fabric is a Veeda performance knit made from 45% Recycled Polyester / 45% Spun Polyester / 10% Spandex making it incredibly soft. It also means that there is less impact on the environment because no harsh dyes were used. I like that I can feel as good about the clothes I’m wearing as I do in them.

prAna Cali dress

So far the prAna Cali dress has taken me to a conference, a couple different concert shows during SXSW, a lunch meeting, traveled a 3 hour road drip between Austin-Dallas, and to the grocery store. It’s so comfortable it was the first thing I grabbed to get dressed this morning before I went to make breakfast too. I was also impressed at the structure and cut of the dress as well. It has an Empire seam along the waist and interior shelf bra with removable modesty cups. Annnnd about that…….

Can we be real honest here…. ? I wasn’t expecting much with the interior bra portion. Typically, this is a feature that still requires some, ehem, shall we say… additional reenforcement. The Cali dress far exceeded my expectations. I could actually wear this as it was designed and not feel as those I was unsupported or revealing more than I was comfortable with. That was really impressive.

Tomorrow I am doing some volunteer work and then the kids and I are heading to Six Flags! I’ll be sporting the Anneix pant all day. I was really impressed because while these look like a jogger pant, they wear like yoga pants. I’m looking forward to the athletic feel yet with a little more style. This simplifies my life and offers me more time with my family because I don’t need to stop and change or pack a different outfit for each part of my day.

prAna Annexi pant

Having quality pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear in different ways can really make all the difference. Could I wear one outfit all the time? The verdict is still out. I could definitely do a rotation of 4-5 that I mix and match. I think if I was doing that I could be more intentional about where my clothing comes from and I could purchase quality items that last longer. This is better for the environment and better for my budget too. It’s exactly what prAna is trying to do. I loved that these clothes made me feel good about how I looked and were comfortable enough to move with me to every task my day required. I will be buying a few more items from their collection soon. Maybe you’ll see me do a capsule wardrobe post in the future as I rethink my closet space.

If you’re ready to grab a few great pieces from prAna and make your clothing choice more simple, I have a promo code to make it even easier and save you more!! From now through April 14th, prAna is allowing my readers to use the code :PMOMTTC for an additional 15% off.

Tell me- Could you wear just 1 outfit? Do you think it would make you more productive?



Great Christmas idea! 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case

makeup brushes

New makeup brushes are one of my favorite things to get at Christmastime! Starting the new year with new brushes is just a thing of mine. This professional set with travel case would be perfect for any makeup lover on your list. Keep reading because at the end of this post is a promo code to save over $120 on this set!!

The Ellore Femme 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case provides you with specific tools cover a wide range of areas! From eyes to lips to foreheads and boast a luxurious blend of soft animal hair and synthetic bristles. The slim brushes stay neatly lined within a fold-up PVC case.

24 professional makeup brushes
Designed for foundation, blush, eye shadow, and more
Bristles made from natural animal hair and synthetic fibers
Fold-up leather case for easy transport
Dimensions: 9.85″ (L) x 4.9″ (W) x 1.9″ (H)


Included Brushes
Bevel eyebrow/eyeliner brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow and eyelash comb
Eyelash brush
Eye-shadow brush
Fine eyeliner brush
Foundation brush
Highlight brush
Large bevel contour brush
Large eye-shadow brush
Large powder brush
Lip brush
Medium bevel eyebrow/eye shadow
Medium bevel eye-shadow brush
Nose-shadow brush
One large fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Powder and blush brush
Small bevel eyebrow/eye shadow brush
Small fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Sponge eye-shadow brush
Two medium eye-shadow brushes
Two small eye-shadow brushes
Roll-up leather case

My Readers save $120 Off  Ellore Femme 24 peice makeup brush set with promo code BL29
(Regular Price: US $149.99)

Blog Price: $29.99 with Promo Code: BL29

*I am partnering with US Family Guide to provide this information & review to my readers. Product was provided for this post. All opinions are my own.