Bill Cosby Far From Finished

Bill Cosby Far From FinishedPicture Pages. Pudding Pops. Fat Albert. The Electric Company. Ghost Dad.  THE COSBY SHOW.

Y’all ( And of course, it has a GREAT pre-story.)

Tomorrow night, September 21st,  Texas Performing Arts will welcome back one of America’s most beloved comedians, Bill Cosby. And I will get to see him!!!

Not to mention being one of the greatest comedians and storytellers of all time he was one of my childhood idols. I mean, really, Who DIDN’T want to be a Cosby?

I was casually listening to the radio when I heard Bill Cobsy was coming to Austin. I went home and checked on ticket prices. Well, after our moving expenses, car repairs, and currently paying both rent & mortgage there just wasn’t room in the budget. Keeping it real folks.  

But then I thought to check craigslist. Yes! 2 tickets! I emailed right away.

Except  they had just been purchased. I sent my cell number to text me and told them to keep me in mind as a runner up in case things fell through, not that I really expected it too. It was Bill Cosby after all.

Two days later I got a text saying that the tickets were available and that someone  in a bright blue wig ( they said they were going to be there for a photo shoot) would meet me in front of the capital at 7 pm.

ooooooK…. this could be AWESOME or totally sketch. Some people would have turned back. Not us. It wouldn’t be our story if we didn’t go right? Of course, we went.

We also totally grabbed the only available cash on hand that evening, which happened to be all in rolled quarters, to go meet the stranger in a blue wig, in front of the state capitol of Texas to get our Bill Cosby tickets.

I cant make this stuff up people. Really, this is legitimately our life.

While our children, who had never been to the capital before rolled down the hills and climbed on the cannons (I don’t think that’s allowed btw). We made light conversation and exchanged quarters for tickets with the nice lady in a blue wig.

I have a feeling there will be more to our Bill Cosby adventure and as he has said himself we are #FarFromFinshed

Stay tuned……

For more info on tickets for this performance click here and of course follow Bill Cosby on twitter, facebook, and Youtube.