20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge #read20

Most of us know how important reading is in a young child’s life but as our children become more self-sufficient we can forget how important it is to read with them. Even though our older children don’t need us to read to them any more, we decided to spend family time reading alongside them in Scholastic’s 20 for 20 Family reading challenge.

20 for 20 family reading challenge

The 20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge was created for students to complete with either mom or dad or – even better – both! All you have to do is read together for at least 20 minutes a day for 20 days. To help get everyone pumped up for the challenge Scholastic sent us a selection of books tailored just for us. The kids were thrilled and super excited to pick out which ones they would read first.

To keep everyone on track for the twenty days we are tracking our minutes with a family reading log. You can participate by using the same printable reading log! Just download and save to participate in the challenge at your house.

I hope your family will take the challenge along with us! Here are some great tips to think about as you get started:

20 for 20 Family Reading Challenge Tips
• Allow your children to choose the book or books to read.
• Visit a Scholastic Book Fair together to explore and choose from a wide variety
of interests and reading levels.
• Read at your child’s pace.
• Take your time and really engage in reading together – discuss the story, characters,
plot, events, etc.
• Unplug and shut off electronic devices to really focus on the moment.
• When you and your child complete a chapter or book, take time to reward

No matter how old children become, your involvement in their reading can inspire them, influence their behaviors, affect their thoughts, and strengthen their bond with you. Reading helps children understand their changing world and strengthens their creative thinking. But with so many distractions, many kids are reading less and their skills are suffering. That’s why it’s important to practice reading, just like any other skill.

I’m really looking forward to updating you on the progress we make at the end of our 20 days. What was the last book you read ? Do you have any recommendations for books we should read?