The Dove Self Esteem Project Helped My Teen and I Have Hard Conversations

Speak Beautiful Dove Self Esteem Project

*The following has been shared with my daughter’s expressed permission & inspired from my experience with the Dove Self Esteem Project and #HourWithHer during Mom 2.0 Summit 2018

Friends, can I be honest with you? I often feel like I’m doing it wrong. “It” can be translated into a number of things in life. Carrer, parenting, marriage, etc, you name it. When I compare myself to the idealistic standards in my mind or on the internet,  I don’t always feel like the perfect mom, wife, or friend. Maybe you feel like that sometimes too. What helps me is being surrounded by a community of trusted mentors, friends, and colleagues that support and soundboard with me ensuring me that I am getting “it” right more times than not. They remind me of my strengths,  let me know I am valued and remind me of all the beautiful parts. As our daughters are growing up they are going through the very same things and need our encouragement. This is something we ALL need, no matter our age or stage in life. Having a mentor and being a mentor to others is so important.

Dove Self Esteem Project #HourWithHer

My Introduction To The Dove Self Esteem Project

Earlier this year at Mom 2.0 Summit, I gave an hour of my time to participate in a Dove workshop as a mentor to teen girls. At first glance, I could tell some of these girls didn’t think we had much in common. As we talked over the next sixty minutes about transformational life moments and instances that had negatively impacted my self-esteem at their age, I could see their demeanor change. They began to share their similar experiences and we talked about ways to reframe those situations. You could see in their smiles that they felt more confident and beautiful. It was proof that sharing our stories connects and uplifts us.

Encouraging authentic storytelling and uplifting the next generation to reshape how they see themselves are actinos that are relevant to our community now more than ever.

That hour showed me just how important it is to be intentional with our time and experiences. Having a teen daughter of my own entering high school this fall, I made a decision to implement the Dove #HourWithHer philosophy at home this summer having intentional conversations. It wasn’t awkward or weird. It was time that strengthened our relationship with such a small amount of effort.

Spending just one hour talking with a girl in your life about beauty, confidence, and self-esteem can make such a difference in her future development.

Some of the conversations we had were light and we laughed until our sides ached. Other conversations were harder. There were a few topics I may have otherwise avoided in an effort to shield her from hard things I’d experienced. What I realized is that as girls are forming into more mature, complete people it is important that they have a good picture of who we are as their parents and mentors. It’s important that they know we are human, imperfect, talented, and yet, still growing too.

Kaitlyn Dove Self Esteem Project

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Want to know something that pretty freeing? You don’t have to be perfect to be a role model or mentor. You don’t have to feel like you always have to have the right answers. In fact, as our daughters and young girls are looking up to us if we project this image of perfection it gives them an unrealistic guide to measure themselves against. Perfection isn’t the goal, confidence is. They just need our time and the knowledge that their body, personality, height, weight, hair, and heart is just exactly the correct way as long as they feel confident in it.

The hours I spent with my daughter this summer gave her an open door to ask questions about me when I was her age and other topics that she may not have known how to approach or introduce otherwise. There were several topics and stories I wouldn’t have thought to share. This time helped us see each other in a new way and we both left more uplifted and with more confidence.

About the Dove Self Esteem Project

Dove understands it can feel daunting to introduce new conversations like this and they have solutions to help you get started. They have even categorized guides to the discussions for Parents & Mentors, Teachers, and Youth Leaders. You can search for specific topics on the site as well. For those that need a different way to spend time with these topics, you’ll find other helpful resources like the short video below that you can watch together to softly introduce discussions.

Dove Real Beauty Productions recently produced this short film, directed by Debbie Allen, to show the impact just one hour with a girl can make.

Learn more about the Dove Self Esteem project on the website here or follow the #HourWithHer hashtag on social media.

Love Your Hair, Love You #LoveYourHair

I am honored to be part of the Dove campaign at  encouraging women everywhere to inspire their daughters to love her hair. Women across the globe know the struggle of bad hair days. Sometimes it seems it has a life of its own and it’s easy to wish we had someone else’s hair. Certainly the curly girls have it easier. Do blondes really have more fun? Our differences don’t always have to separate us though. Admiring our differences can actually bring us closer. Being different presents a contrast that can make all of us shine brighter if we allow it. I know the world hasn’t always been great at showing us that our differences make us collectively stronger but I am making an effort to teach that to my daughters.

One example I’m using to teach them is through our hair. Hair comes in all varieties straight, curly, dark, light, long, short, and a hundred more combinations. While some families are mirror images, in some families not everyone is assured to get exactly the same combination. Our family is an excellent example of being as different as they come.

My oldest daughter has hair that is quick to grow, thick with a little natural wave.

Our youngest has soft strawberry blond, cascading curls that grow at a much slower rate.

Mother to both girls, I am opposite of both. My hair grows silky, straight and dark, curling only with concentrated effort and the aid of styling products and tools.

Alice Chase Kia headshot Mom 2 2016

Every child will reach a point in their development where they compare and contrast. How our girls see themselves is first through the eyes of their mothers. It is so important that we teach them to love everything about themselves. Dove Hair believes a positive role model can greatly impact a girl’s confidence. In fact, a recent Dove study found that 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from their mother. Knowing this I made and effort when the girls were little. Brushing their hair after bathtime, I would comment and tell them how beautiful their hair was. When they would stroke my hair as I rocked and read to them before bed, they would ask about why our hair was different, I would tell them our differences make us beautiful and able to help us complete a puzzle. Everyone brings different pieces and we all work together. Without each other we are incomplete and together we make a beautiful picture.

I love the confidence each of our girls has developed and how teaching this to them has even strengthened the way I see myself in the world. There can often be a narrow depiction of what “beautiful hair” is traditionally thought to look like and earlier this year, Dove Hair found that 8 in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way. For many, these pressures begin at an early age. They have a mission to broaden the view of beautiful hair and help every woman feel confident in themselves by connecting mothers and daughters and sharing the beauty on social media. You can participate too! Share a #LoveYourHair selfie with your daughter here. You can personalize your mother/daughter photo in all kinds of creative text and then share on social media. Make sure to join the conversation with the #LoveYourHair.

Dove Men+Care & #OurRealStrength Twitter party 2/5

This is a sponsored post on behalf of The Global Influence Network. All thoughts and opinions are my own.WAG_DMC_Superbowl_Social1_020215 (1)

Think of the strongest person you know. Who did you think of? Someone who can bench or squat a massive amount of weight? Someone who can carry all the grocery bags in at once? Or did you think of a person who cares for others more than anyone else you know of. Dove Men+Care is redefining how the world sees strength. They know true strength is measured by how much you care. Care is what really defines a man strength.

I know my children think of their daddy as the strongest man they know. It isn’t because he can lift them off the ground while they dangle from his upper arm. It’s because he is strong enough to build forts, play tea party, and sit and talk with our teenager when she has a broken heart.


Walgreens and Dove Men+Care are coming together to celebrate real strength. When you buy any two participating Dove Men+Care products from February 1 – 28, you’ll receive 2,000 Balance Rewards points! Take a look at the heartwarming video below from Dove Men+Care. It made me smile and laugh because I could relate, practically seeing my husband and kids in some of these scenes.

Did the video make you think of a man in your life that shows his strength through care? We would love for you to share your stories or pictures of them using the #RealStrength and #OurRealStrength.

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Dove Beauty: Who do you feel beautiful for? #FeelBeautifulFor

I’m honored for this post to be included as part of the Dove #feelbeautifulfor campaign and a big thanks to Global Influence for sponsoring this post.


As much as we try to differentiate ourselves from our parents when we are children, and even more so as teenagers, somehow little reflections of our upbringing always seem to peek through no matter what. As a parent myself now, I am  keenly aware of how true this really is. When our kids were toddlers it was shown in a game they played to mimic me. I should have been flattered, right? But having daughters who grow up watching me, imitating me, reflecting my words and seeing the world through my eyes, makes how I model my life before them not a game to be taken lightly.

I want my girls to always feel beautiful about themselves. Not because they measure up to a certain standard set for “beauty” but instead because they just feel confidently beautiful inside and out. When I think back on the times they would imitate me, most often it wasn’t the big dramatic movements they chose to copy but the small discreet mannerisms. The one or two-word phrases, the way I would brush the hair off my forehead, etc., This makes the things they hear me say about myself each day so important. What would I do if I heard my daughters saying to themselves some of the things I thought or muttered about myself as I get ready each day??

The reality is if I want my daughters to feel beautiful about themselves. I have to model the confidence of beauty for them each day. It is the daily consistency that will leave a legacy for our daughters to feel strong, confident and beautiful.

Dove is encouraging women of all ages to build a legacy for feeling beautiful.  Visit the Dove Beauty page on Walmart’s website to see what Dove is doing to help build girls’ self-esteem, hear what other women have to say about their beauty legacy, and to see great deals on Dove products.  Make sure to share your thoughts on Dove Beauty using the #feelbeautifulfor and tell us who you feel beautiful for each day.

A little pampering can help everyone feel a little more beautiful, right?! We’ve also partnered to giveaway 8 $25 Spa Week gift cards! Enter  to win one of the 8 gift cards below!

Beauty Legacy – Resourceful Mommy Network

How do you set and example of living beautifully to those around you? Who do you #feelbeautiful for each day?