Let’s Have a Disney Side Party ! #DisneySide 2015

(I was sent a #DisneySide at home celebration kit to host our party. all experience and opinions are 100% my own. Get tips for creating your own Disney Side celebration at www.disneysidecelebrations.com)

Disney. It really IS just pure magic, isn’t it? I don’t just mean Disney World, Disneyland, or Cinderella’s castle. It supersedes a geographic location. The magic of Disney comes alive anywhere and anytime you mention it. Even those who have never visited a Disney park understand the magic. Maybe it was a movie, a toy, or even a song that inspired you to fall in love with Disney. No matter your age, gender, color, or country – the magic of Disney & the love of mouse ears are universal.

our Disney side party 2015

A few weeks ago we shared that we were selected as hosts for a multigenerational Disney Side at home celebration. We received a box full of Disney goodies from the Disney Parks team to share with our guests. Our littles did and unboxing video ( check it out here) to share what was inside- boy, were they excited! We’ve talked often about how much we love our neighbors on the street. So, it just seemed logical that we would invite everyone into our Disney Side Party to share our communal love of Disney.Disney Side snacksMid-morning, we set up in the driveway for treats and games. It wasn’t long before everyone had come to join in the fun. The kids asked if they could dress in costume- YES please! We had a Merida, a tinkerbell, and some “heros”. Every story needs a hero, right.

Kids and adults created Disney chalk drawings ( which totally brought to mind the chalk paintings Bert did in Mary Poppins)

disneyside chalk

disneyside chalk 2

We had fun playing “Put the smile Mickey”

mickey CollageWhile the kids played Disney Bingo, the grownup party guests also had a fun time reminiscing about trips to the Disney parks and sharing tips for future trips.

Disney Side party games

We didn’t limit the Disney fun to just those on the invite list. The BEST thing about doing our party outside was the neighbors who were just out for a walk stopped to join the fun. The kids would ask them a Disney trivia question and offer them a prize too. Everyone has a little Disney magic in them!

princess polish

As our party guests began to tire from all the fun and afternoon naps approached, we sent them off with plenty of activities and games to continue the fun at home. In true Disney fashion, we exceeded their expectations and went a step further. Our Disney princess guests took home some favors of mini-manicure polish and EVERYONE had plenty of fun things in their family goody bags.

A wonderful time was had by all. I think Brother Bear summed up our day best with this line: “Telling stories and laughing with friends: precious moments you’ll never forget.”

Even though our Disney Side party is over, come play along with us! Show us YOUR #DisneySide in the comments below: What’s your favorite quote from a Disney movie?

Disney Magic Arrived on our Doorstep #DisneySide

DisneySide Minnie Mickey

A couple of weeks ago we got a huge surprise in our inbox from Disney Parks and the BSM media team congratulating us on being selected as hosts for a Disney at Home Celebration! They told us to start making plans for our own Disney Side party and to be expecting a box of Disney magic to arrive sometime in the next couple of weeks. So exciting!! We all love Disney around here and look forward to every opportunity to show our #DisneySide.

Disney Magic Arrived on our Doorstep

DisneySide Doorstep Kids 1

The kids had been waiting with much anticipation, asking each day after school if the Disney box had arrived. It was fun to see their excitement ( I didn’t let on that I was tracking the package through UPS my Choice so I knew exactly when it would arrive.)  Needless to say, yesterday when our HUGE box ( weighing over 20 lbs!) was delivered they were ecstatic! I totally peeked inside beforehand but I wanted them to be the ones to share the fun of un-boxing the Disney magic for all of you.

This may compare me to a Disney villain but since our box arrived on a school night, I made everyone complete their homework and dinner before I allowed them to break the seal on our pixie dust sprinkled package. Finally, it was time. We donned our mouse ears and began the show.

We’ve got our mouse ears on and we are about to open our #DisneySide box!! Here we go!!

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( please excuse the vertical video… it was nearing bedtime and homework x4 had my mind wrapped up in math equations for the evening. ) 

There will be more Disney tutorials, snacks, and crafts as we decide on all the fun we will mix into this years party. Until then you can see all the #DisneySide fun we had with our 2014 Disney Vacation planning party here!