The Color Run Birthday Party #Happiest5k

Planning our children’s birthday parties are always such fun for me! I love sitting down with them and planning a party centered around their interests at that time of their life. It can be a lot of work too but it is always so interesting to look back, see their smiles and remember how much they loved (insert party theme here) at that stage of their life.Color Run before

Running has become a big part of our lives over the last year. I don’t think I realized just how big until Kaitlyn made it a goal of hers to run in a Color Run 5k in 2014 when we made our “New Year’s Bucket Lists”. Planning this party was even more meaningful knowing we were helping her complete that goal and centering her whole birthday around it. It was one party we will never forget. ( Thanks to Courtney @ for helping make this a success!)

I also knew was going to have to get creative with the party planning because there just weren’t any prepackaged “Color Run Birthday” kits.  Next step, Pinterest. Not many to choose from there either. Of course I DID create one for our party- You can check it all out on our Color Run Birthday board here.

I designed her invitations with a printed paint splash background, vellum overlay with all the party details, and  tied together with multi-colored tulle matching the tutu’s the girls would make and wear during the run. Then we sprayed the envelopes with paint to look like the colors that are thrown during the run. I was so pleased with how they came out (tutorial coming soon!).

color run 2014 birthday invite

The party food and decor was simple. Confetti was a must and we mainly went with a color palette utilizing colors in the run. We served  confetti cookies and mini-cupcakes with sprinkles. Color Run party food

We spent the evening taking fun photo-booth pictures, painting nails, and making tu-tu’s for the girls to run in the next day. Since our main even would be the early the next morning we didn’t want to stay up too late. We got our Color Run swag all laid out ( the Color run is one race that provides several items for beyond a t-shirt for your entry fee) and the girls snuggled in their sleeping bags excited for the morning!color run photo booth

We got there just a little before the run began and were greeted by several sponsors. Kind, Sports Authority, Zico Coconut Water, Nestle, Honest Tea, and Shout all showed up with fun games and tons of giveaways before the run began. We made sure to take photos with as many mascots as possible!

color run unicorncolor run Nestle bunny

And of course we would need a good “Before Pic” …..

Color Run before

The boys wanted one too….

color run boys

I was really glad we took those before pics to compare the after pics too. There was a lot of “happy” being thrown around. Our girls looked like smurfs by the end. Color Run smurfscolor run hair

I was so thankful for the industrial blowers at the end of the race to blow off all the extra color! We still ended up with blue toes and color residue in our van.

BEST INSIDER COLOR RUN TIP: Pampers Sensitive Wipes do an excellent job of getting  the color off car upholstery.   color run before after

It was such a fun time for all of us and a memory we will never forget. I think Kaitlyn may be hooked on these fun runs because she has already been asking which one we can do next.

Color Run kaitlyn

Have you run in The Color Run before? What was your most fun run ? 

Why I stopped playing pranks on April 1st

I know what you are thinking. You got older. Maybe even wiser. Prank gone wrong?  Or maybe you just lost your sense of humor.

While these could all be realistic scenarios,  I do still enjoy good-natured pranks as much as the next guy- just not on April 1st anymore. I mean really, I could have been a leprechaun or an elf-on-the-shelf in a former life. You can ask my husband, who often falls victim to my impulsive pranks any time of the year, I have an  ornery side at least a mile long. However a decade or so ago something changed April 1st, April Fools Day, for me for always.

April 1st

April 1st, 2004 our sweet Kaitlyn Shea entered our lives and we were blessed to announce to the world that she was born. Going into the hospital to have a baby on April 1st does lend itself to an element of “Are you kidding me?!?” but by the end of pregnancy when you are overdue by at least a week you don’t really care what day it is. Her father has always said he thinks she was just holding out for the diamonds (April’s birthstone). No matter the reason, she was worth the wait. She continues to amaze us each year as she grows into a beautiful young lady.

happy birthday KSC

She’s 10 today! As she grows, there are so many unique things I love about her right now. She always wake up pleasantly. Never annoyingly chipper and never grumpy.  She always knows where to find the needed craft or office supply. She loves education and her passion to want to be a teacher one day. She has an awesome sense of adventure.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her! I just know its going to be great.

So there you have it. Any other day of the year is free game for jokes and pranks but April 1st is a prank free day, reserved each year only for celebrating our sweet Kaitlyn.

Fitness Friday- Birthday Fitness Wishlist 2013

Time for another Fitness Friday update! And today’s update is special because November kicks off Birthday Month!! ( November 17th just in case anyone needs to set a countdown timer 😉 ) Since this fitness business has really become such a part of my daily life, I am finding myself in need of more fitness gear. So this post will be part update/part wishlist.

Update Part: Fitness this week has been the ideal. I was consistent but didn’t over do it. I listened to my body when I felt it needed a rest day. Although it was HARD. I wanted to go run but I knew if I did I was risking a possible injury that would just delay me even more. The rest time was good for my body and it made me excited to get going again. I also ran my fastest mile to date this week!

Running is deceiving. The occasional runner may think you can just don any old pair of running shoes and head out to the streets. Yeah….not so much. Ever heard the expression “Never bring a knife to a gun fight”? It’s pretty much the same thing.

Running is not necessarily cheap.  Shoes ~ good ones that have been fitted to your body,  amazing running bras, socks, endless supply of headphones, armbands, running playlists, apps,  race entry fees, etc.  It all adds up. That being said, birthdays and Christmas are the perfect time to compile a list or create a your fitness wishlist Pinterest board (<– shameless plug) to offer to loved ones who will inevitably ask ” What would you like for your birthday?”

Wishlist Part: Since it is my birthday month, I have done just that. Take a look below and at my Pinterest Fitness Wishlist board and see what I’m eyeing. Tell me if you already have one of these and your link reviews in the comments. Or Let me know if you think I should add something better to my Fitness Wishlist. Cant wait to hear from you!

Fitbit Zip

*New Shoes

Because don’t you always just need new shoes?! Luckily for us our running group coaches  impressed upon up the need to be fitted for the right running shoes before we began. They also showed us how to stretch after a run.  Changed.My.Life. Seriously, I haven’t had one injury and I can tell when I have logged the miles on my shoes because it feels like its time. You wear your running shoes so often, in a weird way, its like they are just part of you. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to retire your favorite pair. They’ve been places with you. In the rain, in the hottest of days, through hard runs and  the exhilarating ones they’ve been there. When its time to retire them though, it is always fun to get a new pair. The other runners WILL notice.

*Compression Socks/Sleeves

Media: Feeling the Squeeze

*Road ID Slim

Because sometimes you don’t have pockets. Can I get an Amen, Ladies??  And because sometimes your phone battery just dies. With RoadID your family, friends and you can have peace of mind that in the event of an emergency responders will know who to contact and any pertinent medical  information.


Have I mentioned how pockets are a problem on women’s athletic apparel??? This could save me.



LEGO Week – DIY LEGO Party Favor Bag tutorial

Image-1 (2)


Welcome back to LEGO Week!!! Yesterday, we talked all about the easiest way to get great custom LEGO party invites done in a hurry( you can check that out here). Since the birthday boy also requested a trip to LEGOLAND Discovery Center for his birthday, at the end of the week I will give a full review of our fabulous time there. I learned a ton of LEGOLAND related info and have some great insider tips. If you are planning a trip there with your kiddos, you will want to stay tuned for that post!

As I mentioned yesterday, no matter what the birthday location or requested theme our kiddos pick, I always like to add a little DIY love to their parties. I also had to be able to accomplish this project on the cheap since I was expecting to spend most of our birthday party funds at the party location. One of the awesome things I was able to do for this party was create these cute custom LEGO Party favor bags for our party guests.  My original vision was to use  typical small canvas bags from the craft store but Dollar Tree made this a hugely affordable and perfect LEGO project with their green craft bags  if you are doing another project, they are available in a variety of other colors as well.) At 3 for $1.00, I couldn’t pass these up. Dollar Tree also had the clear contact paper roll I would use for my stencil, again for only a dollar!

Items needed:

  • Contact paper……………………$1.00
  • Craft bags………………………..$1.00 (for 3!)
  • Yellow acrylic craft paint(whatever color you like)…..$.67
  • Brushes………………$1.00
  • exacto knife/scissors…………………….free
  • Scrap cardboard or wax paper to place inside bags so paint doesn’t go through…….free

I found this LEGO mini-figure template online and cut it out to trace onto my contact paper. Lego head template

photo (52)


I traced it several times onto my contact paper to make enough stencils for each bag. You could probably reuse the stencils but I wanted them all done before the kids got home from school so they would be a surprise for the birthday boy too.

I used an exact-o knife to cut out my stencils but scissors would work too.

I used an exact-o knife to cut out my stencils but scissors would work too.


Just apply stencils to craft bags and get ready to paint.

Just apply stencils to craft bags and get ready to paint.

Make sure to press down well around the outline where you are going to paint. This will ensure clean lines.  Don’t forget to place your cardboard into each bag before you begin painting or the paint with go through the fabric. As an after though wax paper from the kitchen would probably even work better.  When they are all done, allow the paint to dry and then remove the insert of wax paper or cardboard.  They are ready to fill with party favor thank-yous. We used a few kinds of lego candies and each party guest received their own small bag of Legos to take home. This would be another area where the building blocks from Dollar Tree would help make this a super budget friendly party find!

Image-1 (2)


Hope you enjoyed this LEGO Party Favor Bag tutorial & check out our other LEGO related posts! Please share, follow and pin us frequently!!


LEGO Birthday Week- LEGO invitations

Welcome to LEGO Week! We like big birthdays around here and this year our youngest asked for a Lego themed Birthday party.  I aim to please, so I quickly headed to Pinterest to scout out some of the finest Lego Party ideas around. Pretty soon I felt a little tap.tap. tap. on my shoulder…….but Mom….Can we just go to Legoland with my friends for my birthday party?

You see, this is where most parents could/would/probably should breathe a deep sigh of relief, make a phone call and shell out the cash for a worry free, no fail, great time had by all kinda party. Not me. I like the nostalgia of a good at- home party. Tons of  friends & family gathered round the kitchen table, homemade party hats, and corny birthday games. For whatever reason, I like that kinda thing. But I like my kid more. Certainly there was something that could make us both happy. Legoland must be included since that was the object of the birthday boys request but surely I could add some DIY touches as well. ( I think  DIY is my love-language. lol) Anyway…..In this LEGO Week blog series we will supply some creative LEGO party tips and later on this week get  full review on Legoland Discovery Center!!!

The first part of any great party is the invitations, so we will start there. I will often just order invites online vis Etsy or create photo ones on several of the online photo printing sites. Since we would need a good headcount for the party reservation, I needed to get our invites out asap. Pinterest was my go to on this one .  There were a ton of great ones  out there but we finally settled on using the template idea below from

sebastian lego invite editLego Birthday Invitation Supplies

The Lego invite template was perfect, completely editable for our party( & free!!!). I just enlarged it to 5×7, filled in our party information, printed on photo paper to give it a glossy look and asked our sweet teacher to send home with the boys in their weekly parent folder.  While I just adored the Legos & clear pillow boxes with labels, we decided not to do those since it could be a distraction at school.**Tip: if you decide to include the Legos in the invitations Dollar Tree has “building blocks” that are great quality for something like this. I think they were 38 pieces for $1!!!

Lego Birthday Invitation Printable Downloads


Tomorrow’s post will include our Canvas Lego Thank You Bags!