Hearts of AttrAction R&R Games #Review

Having a larger family, we enjoy planning family game nights a few times a month. There are enough of us that we are pretty much always our own party. It gives everyone a purposeful way to interact together and we always end up with a room full of laughter. We also have more teenagers over than ever before and they are loving all the games we are introducing them to. We were fortunate to be introduced to R& R games and to help keep our game nights going they sent us two great games to review, Hearts of Attraction and Strike A Pose. These games have turned out to be two of the most requested games at game night!

Hearts of Attraction R& R Games

hearts of attraction r&r games

About the Game:

Hearts of AttrAction is the fun version of the original AttrAction game where skill, strategy and a little bit of luck results in a chain reaction of magnetic proportions!

The heart shaped magnets react differently from the original magnets creating new patterns of play for this popular game. Hearts of AttrAction is fun to play with anyone, anytime, anywhere! So get ready to prove just how irresistible you are. Cupid’s got nothing on you!

(Ages 14+ • 2 to 5 players • Playing time 10 minutes CONTENTS: 25 Heart shaped magnets, Red velvet bag)

Hearts of AttrAction Collage

I really thought the teenagers would think I was trying to get them to play a dating game because of the title but they were open to it and we soon found out it was nothing like a dating game at all! Hearts of AttrAction is a game that is easy to catch on to playing and everyone loved. It moves at a quick pace and the rules are relatively simple. Each player gets heart shaped magnet and when its your turn to toss yours on the table its a game to see how (or even if!) your heart will attract other magnets on the table.  The person with the most hearts at the end wins. We always end up playing several rounds of this game. Even our 8 and 10 yr olds are able to play!

Since we have started playing this game we’ve had a few teens invite their parents inside to play with us in hopes their parents will get the same game for their house too. What usually happens is they end up staying for several rounds because it is so much fun. It really has been so great to share something we enjoy and see other families come together as well.  This is one game I would recommend for any family or gathering!

We were also able to have fun with another R&R game, Strike a Pose (you will see more of the fun we had with that game in a future post). Be sure to check out the latest games, updates and news from R&R Games on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.



*I received product for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.