Our Boho Chic Baby Shower

Boho Chic Baby Shower heroIf I were to make an honest confession, the first time I heard the term “boho chic” a couple of years ago, I couldn’t really have definitively described it to you. I had the vibe down but the description was going to require a Pinterest board.  I think that’s kind of the point though too. It’s a term that’s descriptive of a life without boundaries, freedom from expectations, and the confines of traditionalism. It was the perfect theme for this little new life we were celebrating.

Boho Baby Shower Aunts

It was not long after making the exciting announcement about our tiny little human and selecting a shower date, that the aunts were in full on baby shower planning mode. They were amazing at every turn and took on the majority of planning efforts. All the parents-to-be needed to do was provide us with a guest list.  Sydney has never been a fan of traditional pink pastels and polka dots. We were given instructions to do whatever we liked as long as we primarily shyed away from pinks of every hue. Easy enough. There would be no blush & bashful (shameless Steel Magnolias reference) for this southern shower.

Boho Baby Shower baby Clothes

Instead we went with coral, a light sea blue and creamy white. We also knew we would be incorporating textures of wood, burlap, natural florals, succulents and berries. Much of the decor purchased we wanted to be suitable to be reused as nursery decor later.

Boho Baby Shower decor arrow

Boho Baby Shower flowers

We served a lovely buffet full of crackers and cheeses, fruit, fresh vegetables, chips and various dips. To drink we served a sangria like punch and water.

Boho Baby Shower food spread

Boho baby shower food and flowers

Boho Baby Shower Punch

These lovely lemon and almond cookies were made especially for this shower. Feathers, dream catchers, hearts, and little wishes for the baby delicately etched on each one. They were absolutely perfect.

Boho baby shower cookies

Boho Baby Shower cookies

The cake was one of my very favorite parts. We contacted a local cake decorator and told her what we were looking for. She was incredible to listen, ask questions about the parents, the theme and offer to add a few creative elements we hadn’t thought of but made it so special.

Boho Baby Shower Cake

As guests arrived, we had them place their gifts in the cutest tepee/tent to house the presents until it they were opened. It was adorable and I cannot wait to see little ones playing in the tent for years to come.

Boho Baby Shower gift tent

Boho Baby Shower TeePee

Another brilliant idea we had to make things easier for the expecting mom is an address card table. Before the guests left (or as they arrive) have a little table set up by the door and ask them to write their mailing address on the outside. At the end of the shower present those with note cards and stamps. It is a gift the mom to be with thank you for. It saves a ton of time locating addresses for thank you cards later on.

Boho Baby Shower Thank You card table

The best and most important part of all was that this new little family was celebrated and showered with love. It was a great treat to have everyone in our home and see how much fun everyone had!

Boho Baby Shower Gift Opening