Here We Go Again! Mamma Mia! : One MORE Tiny Human

Mamma Mia! Here we go again!

No matter your feelings on ABBA, there is a MUCH bigger announcement to come in this post than just a movie release. When I heard that Mamma Mia! was making a sequel I was honestly pretty excited. Our at home Friday night dance parties admittedly have a pretty eclectic playlist. ABBA’s Dancing Queen is definitely in the mix from time to time. Of course, there is another reason Mamma Mia!  became a favorite of ours recently.


One Tiny Human

If you were following us right before One Tiny Human arrived, we were trying to select our parenting 2.0 names– because there was zero chance were we going use the “grandparent” term. I am WAYYYYY too young for that. For the record, we still don’t use the g-word. On occasion, it will slip out for the sake of simplicity when trying to explain the relationship.

We finally decided on Mia and Abba for a number of reasons ( you can read about that here).

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! at Mom 2.0

I was at Mom 2.0 back in May when I learned of the Mamma Mia! sequel and storyline. I picked up a few promo items, a couple of movie passes to see it opening weekend and made an absolutely terrible boomerang gif that I briefly thought about including here since it was branded with the movie. I reconsidered that because it was so terrible that my friend Vikki would unfriend me if it was ever leaked- yes, it is THAT awful.

In full disclosure, it was also that AWESOME that I still have a printed picture from the aforementioned attempted boomerang tucked away in my dresser that I pull out anytime I need a good laugh. Instead, I wore the tshirt we received as a consolation prize while I typed this post.

Mamma Mia! Here we go again! take 2

I tend to get exciting news at or around Mom 2.0. It’s where I first received the news of One Tiny Human, so it seemed fitting to receive this news the week after getting this year as well. I guess I really should have taken the movie title as a sign.

At the parent’s request, I have had to keep this a secret for a few reasons but I can finally tell you all!!

Are you ready???

Here’s the news… One Tiny Human is going to be a big sister!!

Paul & Sydney are having another baby!

There is going to be one MORE tiny human coming November 2018!!!

  • One MORE tiny human
  • Arrival estimated November 2018

Here we go again 🙂

Tiny Human Coming Soon! eta Jan 2017

baby announcement

This is a pretty big announcement to be making and we are very excited to finally be sharing with all of you! But before you guys get all excited we should probably sort out a few details….

We’re Adding Another Baby to the Family!!

While we are totally welcoming a new tiny bundle of joy into the crew, I AM NOT PREGNANT.  So while  I won’t be having my own baby in my belly ever again, we are getting something even better! We’ll be having a GRANDbaby. ( note:  we are NOT using the words grandmother/grandfather at this time. That will get you unfriended faster than bringing up crazy political talk.  Our official new titles are embargoed. TBD.) Our oldest daughter Sydney and our soon to be son, Paul are having a little girl this coming January and they are just the cutest soon to be parents.


We had their baby shower yesterday and I have a ton of pictures to share from that.  I’m sure there is a ton everyone wants to know since we’ve been a little quiet about this the last few months. We choose to make an effort to only share with close friends and family in the beginning. You never really know how the stages of pregnancy will be the first time around and we didn’t want to cause any undo stress. Now that we are in the safe zone,  we are free to celebrate, poppin bottles and be in full anticipation mode of the tiniest new one. I cannot wait to hold tiny baby feet and hands.


There will be a lot more to share in the coming weeks before the baby arrives.  I hope you will keep checking back here for more updates along the way!!! Be sure to follow on facebook, instagram, and twitter too!

Also, my sister and brother in law Aaron are also expecting their first baby boy , Harrison Tate,  in February 2017.We celebrated a shower for him this past weekend as well. It is safe to say we are all in full baby mode right now.

Best Baby Advice?

We are also welcoming any awesome new parenting advice you have to offer. Leave your best advice in the comments and I’ll be sure to share with the new parents to be!