Being in the Right Seat can Make all the Difference : the 2017 Kia Niro #ExperienceNiro

My San Antonio adventure with Kia  was a welcome getaway before our personal marathon of holidays, wedding planning and welcoming a baby into the family began in the weeks to come. Truthfully, I was looking forward to the luxury travel experience the Hotel Emma and a few new experiences as well.

My previous experience with sports can be best summed up with the phrase… “I don’t sport”. I enjoy the competitiveness but just have never pledged an allegiance to one team over another. I’ve gotten by generically rooting “Go Team! Yay Sport!” This method typically works well for every sporting event. Needless to say, I felt a bit out my league attending a NBA game, Spurs vs Celtics, during our trip.

NBA San Antonio Spurs

We were transported from Hotel Emma to the AT&T arena in a spirited party bus and escorted up to a suite catered with an array of delicious food and drinks to pregame. Soon, a few of us would take our seats court-side to watch the game. Have you ever watched a game from the floor ? Oh my goodness, courtside is the MOST FUN EVER!! Here’s a few pics from my seat:

I even made a couple of new friends while I was down there and we took selfies, because of course,  we did! We also talked about what influencer marketing is and how great Kia is.

So, as it turns out I DO LIKE SPORTS! Who knew? A good seat can make all the difference.

Hotel Emma San Antonio Texas

As I walked through the hotel lobby the following morning, I couldn’t help but notice the elaborately decorated Christmas trees, holiday music playing in the background, and fireplaces roaring. My thoughts wandered toward the list of presents still to be purchased and wrapped, cookies to be baked, and errands to run back at home. I tried to reconcile time versus tasks and finally just pushed those thoughts aside as I walked into the morning presentation. After all, I really was so looking forward to hearing more on the 2017 Kia Niro and getting my first chance to get behind the wheel myself.

Hotel Emma Kia Niro Event

The Niro is the first hybrid crossover of its kind. It is stylish, aerodynamic and offers plenty of interior space you wouldn’t typically expect from a hybrid.

2017 Kia Niro

It also delivers on the exceptional fuel economy you do expect to see thanks to the hybrid-optimizing powertrain. The Niro touring model I drove, outfitted with top-level accommodations and trim, will manage 46 city, 40 highway, and 43 overall. If you’re willing to trade out a few of the comforts the touring offers, the FE base model will deliver impressive fuel economy ratings of 52 mpg in the city, 49 on the highway, and 50 combined.

2017 Niro fuel economy

After previously driving other a hybrids, there were a few things I just expected to have to overlook because of what I attributed to the nature of driving a hybrid. My biggest surprise was finding that those things I expected to overlook just didn’t exist in this car. On the road, the Kia Niro was extremely responsive and unexpectedly, simply felt like driving a high performing crossover. I highly recommend going for a test drive but be sure to leave anything you previously thought you new about hybrids at home.

In the Kia Niro San Antonio

Dare I say the Kia Niro was even fun to drive. It feels a little strange saying that a hybrid was “fun”. Can you be really be both fun and responsible? Does this mean we’ve grown up? Is this “adulting”? The answer is : Probably.

Luckily, the Kia Niro still looks really cool, so no one will know we’re adulting now.

Kia wasn’t about to let us get too serious though. This was the perfect opportunity to prove that the Kia Niro really is the perfect vehicle for any situation, especially spreading magic and cheer. Remember, I mentioned the increased interior cargo space?

Kia Niro trunk space

When we went out to get behind the wheel, we were delighted to find two Santa hats and every inch of cargo space filled with newly purchased toys to deliver to the Toys for Tots location on our route.

Kia Niro toys for tots

It didn’t take us long to quickly slip into our Santa hats and off we went with the 2017 Kia Niro as our sleigh for the day!

We drove through the city route until we arrived at the Toys for Tots donation center and unloaded the toys to deliver inside. Outside a line of Marines stood at attention.

toys for tots Kia niro

It didn’t take long for my long list of to-do’s, to-get’s and worries from earlier in the morning to be far removed. My concerns now seemed insignificant in comparison. My perceptions were shifted as I was enabled to give and serve. I was humbled to offer something that cost me nothing in front of those that would be willing to give their everything. I thought about the military spouses and children who will be separated from their loved ones this season. I wondered about the families receiving the toys and hope that on Christmas morning their homes are filled with laughter and that joy shines as brightly as the glow of Christmas lights.

My experience with the 2017 Kia Niro was completely different from what I originally expected. Originally, I was simply really excited to drive the Niro on familiar roads in my home state of Texas. What I came to learn was that  if you are open to something new,even in the very place you feel most at home, you can identify what is truly important. You may even discover you DO like sports, you DO love driving a hybrid, you’ve just got to be in the right seat.

HUGE thanks to Kia for allowing me the opportunity to get a first look at the 2017 Kia Niro and for being amazing hosts during my stay at Hotel Emma, including all transportation and expenses during my time in San Antonio. 

Back To School Car Care Kit for Your New Driver

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Pencils, pens, graphing calculator, notebooks, flash drives, library card….. and change for parking?? Having two teen drivers in the house makes back to school shopping look a little different this year. We will still be shopping for just the right first day of school outfit to make a great first impression. We have also added a few more things to the list to help them be responsible with taking care of the car this year too.

While they focus on navigating the roads, my husband and I are exploring the most useful guidance we can offer them as they go into the world. Teaching them to maintain and care for their car was at the top of the list.

Back to school Car Care Kit Armor All Outlast

If you have teen drivers heading off to school this year, consider creating a Back to School Car Care Kit with useful supplies that help encourage a clean, organized car. I know studying for exams, dates, and jobs will weigh heavily on their schedule. My goal is to help our teen drivers create a weekly care care routine that can be accomplished in under 10-20 minutes.

Back to School Car Care Kit Checklist

Back To School Car Care Kit

While I was at Walmart this week shopping for the traditional school supplies, I stopped over in the automotive section picked up some great Armor All products to add to the kit.
Armor All Walmart

I also picked up a shower caddy ( just $1 !) to keep everything together & tidy. 
Armor All Back to School Car Care kit

Lastly, I added a few essentials in case of emergency. I included extra phone chargers for the car, a pre-paid gift card for gas emergencies, and a tire pressure gauge.
Back to School Car Kit

As our children grow and become more independent, my hope is that we have prepared them with all the tools necessary to be responsible and always make a great first impression. Since we are also teaching them to be financially responsible,  it was great to be able to use this coupon for $2.50 off our Armor All Outlast products.  You can get one too!

Sydney was pretty excited about the kit we created for her. She even did a run through with it immediately after we gave it to her. I think it really made her feel supported knowing we had thought of ways to help her manage her schedule and giving her the tools to do it on her own. On top of that we were all so impressed with how well the Armor All Outlast product worked to spiff up the vehicle. My husband even asked if I would make a kit for each car!

Armor All Outlast Teen Driver

To help you and your driver create the best Back to School Car Care Kit ever I want to share this awesome giveaway! One lucky person will win a $1000 gift card! 4 other winners will receive a $500 gift card. (Giveaway starts at 5:00pm EST on 8/7/2015) 
Armor All Outlast #1stImpressionsCount Sweepstakes

Keep up with all these great products and more on the Armor All website, Facebook, and twitter.

Do you have a favorite memory about your first car or a funny high school or college story about your car? I’d love to hear it!