Fitness Friday – Arbonne Essentials Protein Shakes

Fitness Friday Update – Arbonne Essentials Protein Shakes

Its hard to believe it’s already been a week and time for another Fitness Friday. I feel like I have so much to update on all the AWESOME fitness things that have happened this week.  Honestly, there have been so many wins! I started a new new boot-camp, went to a new fitness class, along with losing 2.5 lbs this week!! Winning all over the place , right?! One of the biggest wins I have discovered to help me in all this is the Arbonne Essentials Protein shakes.  I’m having a shake+ fiber in place of  2 meals a day as part of the Arbonne 30-Day Feeling Fit Detox plan I talked about last week.

Arbonne Essentials Protein Shakes

With an active family like ours, my life is all over the place, literally. From school, to the gym, park, meetings, sports events, clubs, and lessons, we are EVERYWHERE all the time. I can throw a few simple scoops into my magic bullet and breakfast is made in under a minute. I am ensured to get enough of what I need in my diet because honestly, sometimes I forget to eat. Sometimes its breakfast, sometimes its lunch. I just hurry to the next thing until its been too long & my body is starving. Then I make ridiculous food choices that I am working off in the gym for the next 2 days and never really making any progress. Sound familiar? It’s sooooo not worth it. With the Arbonne Essential Protein shakes, I am also not hungry in-between meals so I’m not wasting calories snacking. These protein shakes have amazing health benefits but more than that the convenience makes me love them.

The taste of these shakes are absolutely delicious and never have that chalky taste that so many other protein powders have. It’s also made from vegan protein — pea, cranberry, and rice proteins, to be exact. So…. vegan protein, you say? Cool. Perhaps you understand proteins already. I didn’t really.  My first thought was “So what? A protein is a protein right??” NOPE. I quickly learned how different they can be and how some aren’t really good for you at all.( This will require a post all its own) All proteins aren’t equal. Vegan protein means no whey and no soy, and no cholesterol or trans fats. 

These really are so simple to make every morning by just following the directions but if you are someone (like me) who like to change things up a bit you can also throw in some great additions for a new recipe. Here are three of my favorites suggestions:

3 new ways to enjoy Arbonne Essentials Protein Shakes

I’ve been feeling great all week and I’ve been making so many healthy choices for myself! What have you done this week to make yourself proud? Comment below- Really, I want to cheer you on!!