The Importance of Smart Home Technology for your Next Vacation

August smart home Technology

Do you consider the smart home amenities of a vacation property prior to booking? Due to the recent smart home upgrades we’ve done, we now have a lot to consider when booking accommodations away from home too. The smart technology we enjoy in our own home really does make all the difference. Staying somewhere with less capability can almost be a bit of a disappointment. August Home Inc recently released the results of a new study proving that smart home technology does make a huge difference in the overall guest experience. The study, Short-term Rentals: Smarter Hosting with Smart Home Technology, provides new insight into the growing appeal of short-term rentals and how smart technology can provide an experience that rivals that of hotels.

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“60 Percent of Guests Would Pay More for a Vacation Rental with a Smart Home Feature”

One of the first questions we ask when booking at any location is always “What’s the WiFi like?” This is important to us because so many of our day-to-day devices revolve around connectivity and smart technology. The ability to do my job from virtually anywhere is exactly the thing that allows me to travel so frequently. The only thing that hinders my productivity when I am away from home is a lack of connectivity and technology. The more smart home technology a property has, the more likely I am to consider it for our stay.

“Guests state that Hosts provide a superior rental experience to hotels (78%) making short-term rentals a more compelling alternative. And smart tech is making it even better, both vacation guests (80%) and business travelers (92%) report they are more likely to complete their rental reservation if the property has smart home technology. In fact, 60% of Guests indicate they would pay more for a vacation rental with a smart home feature. Further, Hosts and Guests believe smart home technology, such as smart locks and doorbell cameras, will be a part of all rentals in the future.” — Short-term Rentals: Smarter Hosting with Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Study Infographic

Don’t give up the comforts of home just because you are staying somewhere else.

One of the advantages in choosing a short-term rental property over a traditional hotel is that it feels and functions more like a home. When choosing a place for our stay I look for the location to have similar comforts of my own home. Some of these comforts include smart TV’s, a similar smart home security system and app controlled smart locks. Our teens would not be content to call it a vacation unless they could stream their favorite shows and music as well.

“Smart home technology is universally appealing to Guests in a short-term rental (90%). Guests are interested in a variety of smart home technology including smart TVs (93%), smart home security systems (91%), video-enabled doorbell cameras (87%), app-controlled smart locks (86%) and streaming media (movies and music) (86%).”

Smart technology provides a better experience for everyone

Smart technology doesn’t just improve the rental experience for guests alone. Hosts can benefit in more ways than just receiving a higher dollar amount for their space. Increased security and flexibility are two ways a host can see an immediate return. Incorporating smart technology allows for a more secure and personal greeting from the host to the guests upon arrival. Being able to grant a guest access to the home remotely utilizing a smart lock, while still being able to see and speak to them through the video- enabled doorbell cameras makes everyone feel more connected. Hosts can also remotely confirm that guests have secured the locks upon check out. Smart lock technology provides peace of mind throughout the entire process.

“The short-term rental market continues to grow, fueled by tech innovation,” said Kathy Sanders, CMO of August Home. “The simple addition of a Smart Lock and a Doorbell Cam helps new Hosts get into the hosting business. Now they can greet Guests and manage their property from anywhere. And for Hosts that have already adopted smart technology, they are able to deliver an even more enjoyable, hassle-free rental experience, whether their Guests are on vacation or in town for business.”

What smart technology do you look for when booking a short-term rental property?  


Stay Airbnb for a Unique Travel Experience

Airbnb August Home meal Brooklyn nyc

There is something about getting to truly live in a place that connects you with the culture, lifestyle, and the people.  It’s an experience that takes you beyond tourist mode and makes it feel like home. On a recent trip to New York, I was able to experience some of this myself.  It was a completely different New York experience than I’d had before. I stepped away from the typical lights of Times Square attractions and explored all the different boroughs. I talked with shop owners, listened to the conversations of parents as they waited in line to pick up their children from school, and dined where the locals dined.  These are the travel experiences that make memories and draw me to stay Airbnb when I travel.

Airbnb oyster bar williamsburg nyc August home

How many times have you said “I wish I could just live here!” while away on vacation?  Whether it’s for a couple of weeks or just a weekend, Airbnb allows you to really make your travel destination home during your stay. That’s because you are staying in a home during your stay.

Airbnb August home living room

Since it is a different travel experience than staying in a hotel, there are a few things you’ll want to think about to ensure you have a seamless experience. I highly encourage you to give it chance for your next vacation adventure. Perhaps you’ll even choose to become a host yourself!

August home Airbnb bedroom

Here is a quick checklist to ensure you have a great experience in your new Airbnb space whether you are a host or guest:

Before your trip

  • Communicate clearly with your host about any expectations or special needs you may have.
  • Always let your host know if you’re likely to arrive late for check-in.
  • Communicate your check-in procedure in advance, and make sure you’re able to follow through with it at the check-in time you discussed.*Tip: Ask if your host is utilizing the August Smart Home Access System, including the August Smart Lock, to simplify this process.
  • Make sure you know how to be contacted in the event of a travel delay or last-minute question.
  • Ask for or provide detailed directions to get to the listing from the highway, train station, or airport.
  • Suggest recommendations on local spots, like restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and attractions.
  • Decide if you’ll meet at the door, or arrange plans to get the keys. Here is another way the August products would be great for both rental hosts and guests.

One thing that can provide better security and simplify the check in process is the August Smart Home Access System. August Home is part of Airbnb’s Host Assist program, which automates giving guests secure, keyless access to their listing.

August Home Smart Lock Home Kit Airbnb

Instead of retrieving a key under a mat, guests use their smartphone or a unique key code to securely unlock the door. Hosts simply link their Airbnb account to their August Home account inside the August Home app to automate this process, adding better visibility, convenience, and security for both hosts and guests. Hosts receive an instant notification on their smartphone when guests arrive and use a virtual key to unlock the door.

During the Trip:

  • Honor your commitments (including arrival time) and any house rules.
  • Enjoy your host’s home as if you were staying with friends. Be respectful of your neighbors.
  • Explore the neighborhood and support local businesses. It’s a great way to feel more like a local. Try asking your host about their favorite neighborhood spots!
  • Get your host’s permission before having guests over.
  • When in doubt, reach out to your host with any questions or problems that arise.

After your trip

  • Always leave an honest review for your host or guest to help guide future bookings. Airbnb is built on community, and both hosts and guests will also be invited to leave a review.
  • Once guests have checked out, the cleaning crew can also use a virtual key for the August Smart Lock or a unique code for the August Smart Keypad so they can safely and securely prep the listing for the next guest.

Making travel plans this summer for an upcoming weekend? Try Airbnb for a unique travel experience!

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