Unplanned Utopia

We are having so many adventures this summer & really having a blast with each other. Secretly, I was so apprehensive of this summer because I decided not to master plan it this time. If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I am a p.l.a.n.n.e.r. In the past I have either had summer classes, part time or full time jobs, and 4 kids to keep busy. I HAD to plan it all out well. Every detail. Every meal & every activity. Since we recently unleashed our business to other avenues, I get to spend this summer focused on my family. It really is a wonderful thing but a mental adjustment for me nonetheless. This summer, I didn’t know what to expect, it was going to be a new season for all of us. I really didn’t know how to plan it this time. I decided we would just roll with whatever we decided to do. IT.HAS.BEEN.A BLAST!

Since half the kids got out almost 2 weeks before the others, we started off the summer with a countdown of activities, canvas painting, terrarium building, summer movies, played in the rain, just little things so we could save the real fun for when we were all together. Also everyone was still accustomed to getting up early and going to bed at a semi decent hour. This has since drastically changed and we are staying up late/sleeping in all morning- hey, its summer, right?!



Randy & I celebrated our 11 year anniversary June 21st. Oh, how I adore this man! He is still my best friend and love living life with him every day. Usually I  plan some sort of trip for our anniversary but he had work travel the next day so we needed to do something local. Hmmmm, it had to be fantastic….with the help of my sister, We got to take a private flight over the city of Dallas! And a 3 course dinner after. It was such an adventure!!

We have also had 4th of July family visits, summer camps, golf outings/tournaments, summer trips. unexpected kittens, hero moments, kayaking, camping, and more. Sometimes the unplanned life really is a sort of utopia.

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