Sweet, Spooky Halloween Traditions

Hey Y’all!! October 31st is almost here! Just 2 more days.  Tonight we have the Fall Festival and concert at school and I am getting excited about seeing all the little ones in costume. I just know everyone will be adorable!


We’ve got a few decorations up at home to make it feel festive. Trick or treating will be a little different for us this year too as our big kids have “outgrown” the dressing up phase this year, or so they tell me. I have a feeling it will make a comeback eventually. We usually go trick or treating on our town’s historic square before it gets too dark and scary out. Then we will visit a few homes of local friends and co-workers. After that we come home for apple cider or hot chocolate.

Even though our teenagers wont be going out with us, I still want to find a fun way include everyone in the festivities. I am not one for missing out on a memory, even if traditions must be altered up a bit. Sometimes its a challenge though, making it fun & cool for kids and teens together. Since we don’t do scary frightening stuff, maybe we’ll re-watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and a few Scooby-Do episodes. Our oldest likes retro shows so maybe we’ll try old Twilight Zone episode after the little ones fall asleep.

I am thinking of throwing a little family party for us with fun treats and themed foods too. Or maybe throw together a little family photo booth? I did a little Pinterest searching and came up with some of my favorites to give myself some quick inspiration. (I linked them all in my Monster Mash board here in case any of you are searching for ideas too.)

What are some of your most fun family Halloween traditions? Ideas for including teens?


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