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Yesterday was the last day of school for 3 of our 4 kiddos. Its always bittersweet. We had some great teachers this year and our kids even earned some awards for all their hard work. Its hard to believe next year we will have 2 high school students, a 4th grader, and a 2nd grader. 

Well…Let’s face it. I’ve been supa lax in keeping up with my blogging- which I love (when I do it). I’m going to try to make sure I’m blogging more, even just little posts. To keep up with all the memories this summer will hold. I will also try to incorporate some throwback post from all the things I’ve been meaning to blog about over our adventures the last few months.

Our big kids have camping plans this weekend for Memorial Day. Saturday we will participate in Bountiful Baskets, our local food coo-op I help coordinate, and then I see some house projects and even some swimming in our future. We’ll shall see. 😉

While we may be playing the weekend by ear  and relaxin all summa long, there are some things we will not be letting slide. If you have known me for very long, you know I’m a teeth Nazi. I have famous tooth fairy tales and we are never without a toothbrush.  Brush, brush, brush. Floss, floss, floss. So although the kiddos are encouraged allowed to sleep in all summer, they must never skip a brushing or a flossing. Thanks to How Does She & Chickabug for an awesome post and free printables to keep us on track this summer. Check them out and maybe you’ll find them helpful too!
Ashley little teeth post (15)
It’s good to be back friends- I’ve missed you.



  1. Honey…. I am going through my own blog issues! When I am in Montana, I hope to blog lots!

    Of course, as soon as the issues are worked out.

  2. Love the chart. More blog posts please! 🙂

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