SEMA 2017 : Kia Stinger Style

SEMA 2017 Kia Stinger StyleYou know the reaction that most people have if you ask them about going to Disneyland? That’s the same reaction I had when Kia asked me to attend SEMA with them for the unveiling of TWO custom designed Stingers. Not only would I have the opportunity to see them I would have the opportunity to actually get behind the wheel myself AND do a little drifting with a professional driver. This is what automotive dreams are made of y’all. I was 100% all in.

SEMA IS my Disneyland. Growing up in the Midwest, our small family of four took a lot of day trips and even more long Sunday drives than I could ever count but we took only one true family vacation together. A single day at Disneyland and a single day at Knott’s Berry Farm, saddled next to an automotive conference for my father’s business. To this day I can still recall how the excitement over what would be revealed at the show was built up with slightly more enthusiasm than the visit to Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Curiosity Keeps Leading Us Down New Paths

Whether your heart dreams of magic castles or the magic that can be found in a paint booth, the common ground these two venues, companies, creators, and attendees all have is best summed up by this quote from Walt Disney himself:

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

It’s this curiosity that binds us together. The curiosity to build something better. Something faster. Something more compelling that connects the story of creator and consumer. Each year the companies and creatives work around the clock, creating something spectacular to reveal. Each year SEMA draws a crowd bigger than the last curious to see whats been done whats been created.  In this world it is where the artists and dreamers really shine and since there’s simply no city that shines brighter than Las Vegas, here we are.

SEMA Kia Stinger Style

Kia  has been working relentlessly to elevate their design and product for years. In a sense the Stinger is the embodiment of that vision before us. It’s a monumental offering to add to the brand’s line up. So they weren’t playing when they partnered with West Coast Customs to bring an amazing amount of style to this years SEMA show.

SEMA Kia Stinger GT wide body rear plate


Kia Stinger GT Federation

SEMA Kia Stinger GT Federation

SEMA Kia Stinger GT Federation front view

SEMA Kia Stinger GT Federation front

SEMA Kia Stinger GT Federation rear

Kia unveiled the Stinger GT Federation in a color aptly coined “Performance Orange”. It is a uniquely modified Stinger outfitted with parts and accessories from leading aftermarket suppliers. The Stinger GT Federation reveal followed the announcement celebrating the offering of high-performance aftermarket parts available for purchase in conjunction with the Stinger launch. The exterior body accent kits include a rear spoiler, rear diffuser and redesigned hood vent. A K&N cold-air intake and a low-restriction quad-tipped Borla exhaust help the Stinger breathe more freely and are designed to pump an additional 15 horsepower through the twin-turbo 3.3-liter engine, bringing the vehicle’s horsepower to an estimated 3806. Eibach springs, thicker antiroll bars and a reduced ride height aim to offer a more spirited driving experience, while aggressive staggered 20-inch TSW wheels shod with Falken tires round out the Stinger GT Federation’s visual and technical achievements.

Kia Stinger GT Wide Body

SEMA Kia Stinger GT wide body West Coast customs

SEMA Kia Stinger GT Wide Body interior

The Stinger GT Wide Body is a specially modified work of art by legendary West Coast Customs. Unveiled in beautiful pearl metallic blue took the Stinger GT to a whole new level of stunning. “Taking inspiration from the racing GT cars of the 1970s, this modern interpretation seamlessly blends tire accommodating wide fenders with the Stinger’s already narrow waist. Riding on a suspension that’s been lowered 1.4-inches up front and 1.2-inches in the rear, the Stinger GT Wide Body rides on 21-inch Keen forged wheels wrapped with high-performance tires. A lightweight carbon fiber aero kit and rear diffuser will keep the Stinger firmly planted at high-speed, while the quad-port exhaust tips proclaim that this is no typical sports machine. Inside the driver-centric cockpit, the Stinger GT Wide Body includes custom blue leather seat piping, a distinct hand-stitched gray leather dash panel, alcantara-wrapped steering wheel as well as gloss black center console trim.”

Drifting in the Kia Stinger

SEMA 2017 Kia Stinger Style

At this point, no one could deny that this is a pretty car. It’s designed and crafted to be more than just looks though. Honestly, to comment on the aesthetics alone would be slightly insulting but if we’re really being honest there are those who are still trying to reconcile the name badge with the performance level that this car is touting. Maybe that’s fair… we all have to prove ourselves from time to time and when you are confident in your abilities it’s fun to show off a little too.

The opportunity for Kia to show what the Stinger is capable of came just outside the convention center floor. In the Gold Lot outside, Kia provided an exclusive opportunity for us to get behind the wheel for ourselves and do a little drifting with a professional driver in the all-new Kia Stinger. Words alone just cant do it justice. Here’s a few video clips of our experience:

It was truly an incredible Vegas experience and my ride in the Stinger was definitely faster than the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. I had a few more foodie adventures and an evening with Sir Elton while I was in Vegas that I want to share with you soon. Before that I’ll be heading out to Hollywood to spend a little more quality time with the Stinger and see how it handles on the streets of California. Stay Tuned I have so many stories to share with you.

Disclosure: As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with accommodations, meals, and other compensation. My host for this adventure was Kia Motors America as part of the #StingerExperience #KiaSEMA



  1. How absolutely cool is this!!! Your fond memories of family road trips is what inspires me to create these types of memories with my children, as well. I can’t stop watching your video – that is one HOT vehicle!! Oh my goodness. Can’t wait to hear more about your Vegas experience.

  2. Hi Alice

    Man… are truly lucky! I have always wanted to go to the SEMA show but I have never been as of yet.
    I really like the design that Kia has used on some of their vehicles over the past 5 years. THIS car takes the cake though!!!!
    What a sexy design and Kia has equipped it with some real power too!!!
    I would love to take thic car for a rip!!! Maybe it’s time to head over to a Kia dealership to do just that haha.

    Anyways, thanks for the cool article!!

    Mike recently posted…Modernizing Classic CarsMy Profile

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