Late Evenings, Afternoon Naps & Friday Nights

Late nights in my 20’s were spent with laughter, crazy friends, and late night food runs. Early morning class or shift at work- no problem! The endurance of a twenty-something could handle a 6am shift -No problemo! Afternoons naps weren’t a necessity. Friday nights were an event worth planning for: “What are you going to wear? Who’s going? etc….”  My 30’s (just beginning my 30’s I must add) Oh how, the times have changed!

What are the ever thrilling Chase’s doing this Friday night you ask? Well, it goes something like this…After a week long marathon of juggling the workload 5 college courses( after doing after school activities/dinner/bath-time/bedtime prayers x4) beginning around 945pm- 1230am. Rising ever groggily at 6 the same morning and getting ready for the days workload..drink several shots of espresso or an entire pot of coffee…REPEAT. You get the picture. Well today ….(I’m getting to Friday night, I promise. Just hang with me for a moment) I ever so quickly rested on the couch. And leaned my head over on the side. And FELL ASLEEP!! Imaging my surprise to awake startles that I only had 15 to pick up the girls from school. I raced to get my keys, shoes, misc.

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