Separating, Celebrating and Letting Go #ProjectRepat

From the very moment our children are born the world hints to us that our closeness with them isn’t infinite. Within the seconds of our baby’s first breath we experience the first physical separation. Our hearts of course are deaf to that completely and cradle this tiny new human all the closer. Even as I type this seventeen years later and close my eyes I can almost feel the softness of my daughter’s 10 tiny fingers. There is nothing I can imagine erasing those feelings and distinct memories of the first time I saw her and held her.

As the months and years slowly go by we see our tiny humans grow into toddlers, then children. They find their own assertiveness separating themselves with every “I do it” and making questionable, yet confident, outfit selections. Junior high and high school provides season after season of challenges and victories that require an investment of literal blood, sweat, and tears of parents and children.  Remembering back 17 years ago… seems we’ve come full circle.

Sydney Back To School

As we look on the horizon just months away from graduation, the anticipation of separation has me experiencing the same anxiousness I felt the night before she was born. Strong both physically and emotionally, I trust her completely. I’ve seen her work hard and be dedicated to everything she commits to. Just as I have guided her all these years it was time to find a memorable way to celebrate, separate and let go.


Enter Project Repat. They offered, quite literally, to stitch together all the wonderful childhood memories together in a tangible way. It was a wonderfully symbolic gift for graduation. Project Repat

What is Project Repat? 

Project Repat takes t-shirts from customers personal memories and creates customized blankets. Beginning to end with Project Repat was a great experience. As we sorted through the t-shirts we wanted to include we shared memory after memory. We laughed, teared up and ended it all with a hug before we shipped them off for our blanket to be created. Within a couple of weeks, our blanket & memories were back in our hands.  She’s been wrapped up in that blanket ever since.

Project Repat

It’s a comfort to both of us knowing she’ll be taking a ton of wonderful memories with her off to college. Project Repat really offers the best price on the planet for this kind of product. Watch this video that illustrates the behind-the-scenes process of creating a t-shirt blanket at Project Repat.

Interested in creating your own custom t-shirt blanket? Sign up here to receive an email from Project Repat with a 30% off coupon code. One person who signs up also will be randomly chosen to receive a $75 voucher, which can be redeemed with Project Repat to purchase a 16-panel lap blanket at no charge. Project Repat will contact you directly if you are chosen as the winnerProject

Need  some creative inspiration for your blanket??? Check out the Project Repat websiteFacebook page, and Instagram too.

*Thanks again to Project Repat for helping us create our blanket for the purposes of this post. All opinions are our own. 

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