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Family picture on graduation day
Graduation day with my family. We had all worked together to make this goal a reality.

One of the things I love most about my family is that we are always looking for new adventures. Dreaming big dreams and planning to make them happen. In our house you will often hear the phrase “I have an idea…….” immediately followed by a grand dream of one kind or another.  Usually the family member who is being pitched to will diligently listen, analyze, and help find suggestions, weaknesses, and strengths to the dreamer’s idea. If the idea passes round #1,  round #2 will consist of  everyone pitching in, aware we will be making changes to help support the goal. We are always in this together. Sometimes the idea is starting a new business, sometimes it’s becoming a football star, sometimes its going back to college.

Going back to college….. That’s the idea my husband and I had about 6-7 years ago. We were both working full-time jobs, had four beautiful children (one was just 3 weeks old), and volunteering in our community. We had both had some college hours behind us and both had worked hard on our careers but we had promoted up as far as we could without college degrees. We had to go back to college. It was an important goal for us financially and it was important to us to set that example for our children.

There were so many things that could have stood in our way. Time? Where would we find the time? Our plate was more than full but there were distance education classes online and weekend/evening classes that made this dream workable with our schedule. As a busy mom, I found the study time during soccer practices, listened to lectures during school pick-up lines, and sometimes even reading textbooks during late night feedings with our newborn.  Our date nights became study dates at coffee houses and  late nights around the kitchen table. We were together working on a goal and it brought us closer.

What would our kids think? Would they feel like it was taking time away from them? We were careful to schedule our study times and keep family time a priority. Seeing their mom work hard towards completing her education gave me such a sense of accomplishment and I was proud to be setting that example for my children.

Were we too old? We were in our  mid-late 20’s and while that’s by no means old. It was a consideration. We were parents. We couldn’t do all night study sessions like we used to.  It would just have to look different from what we thought years ago. What we decided was that there was  never a better time to show our children the value of education and we wanted to lead them by example. There should never be an age limit on learning.

Money? This was the biggest one. We could make time but we couldn’t make money (the government typically frowns upon crafting your own money). We researched all the grants and scholarships we could find. We had to make the most of every dollar we could find for this dream.  If you are a mom considering starting college or going back to finish a degree there are amazing scholarships available to you.

Recently I found out about Scholarships 4 Moms. Scholarships 4 Moms gives away a $10,000 scholarship to moms, with a dream like mine, desiring to start or finish a degree. You are eligible to apply every month.  The next scholarship drawing will be December 13th. Go here to register. Upon registration, users may choose—or decline—to receive emails and offers from different colleges and universities.

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$10,000 could go along way to making a goal happen. If you are considering going back to college I highly recommend researching every avenue available to fund your dream.  When my graduation day finally came and I was thrilled. I  had a dream. Scholarships helped make it possible. Together my family worked out a plan making that dream a goal and then took the journey to complete it.  Keep dreaming friends! I believe in you!


  1. Thanks for the great advice. I’m considering seeking my Master’s in Counseling, so this information is helpful!

  2. One of my friends went back to school for a new degree. I believe she took advantage of something like this!
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