Fifth Third Bank is giving away $1 million to help Graduates find jobs faster

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As a parent of 2 children facing graduation soon we’ve spent a good deal of time discussing career paths and how to pay for college. Securing a job to pay for everything in today’s market is very different that it used to be. Our post sponsor, Fifth Third Bank, wants to help and is encouraging recent graduates to enter their Brand Of You contest for the chance to win personalized job coaching from NextJob.

Getting a job is anything but easy. On average, 200 people apply for every job opening. Only 2% of them actually get interviews.* And 50% of all jobs aren’t even posted online.** That’s why you need job search coaching. NextJob’s experts nearly triple your chances of landing a job faster than going it alone.**

*Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts **

If you are a recent graduate that doesn’t seem too encouraging….

Fifth Third Bank is giving away $1 million to help Graduates find jobs faster

Fifth Third wondered, “could a bank help graduates promote themselves and find jobs?”

Brand of You Fifth Third Bank

That’s when they created the “Brand of You” campaign to award 1,000 scholarships for 8 weeks of job coaching. Entering is simple. Just post a tweet, with the hashtags #brandofyou and #53enterwhy, telling why you deserve free one-on-one job search coaching. You can enter 1 time per day through July 20th. 80 winners will be chosen each week and matched with a professional NextJob coach to help them get the job they want faster and more effectively than going it alone.

I was really impressed with everything that is included in the coaching. It is all virtual, making it easy for job seekers. It includes:

  • Interview prep/coaching
  • Help finding the 50% of jobs not listed online
  • Personalized resume editing
  • Career testing & personality testing to help identify even more opportunities
  • Creations of enhanced LinkedIn and Twitter Profiles
  • Flexible scheduling

Twitter Event

Fifth Third is also hosting a Twitter event where NextJob coaches will provide real time feedback on resumes and interview question responses. On the Twitter event date, Fifth Third Bank will award up to 50 job coaching opportunities.

The event will be held on 7/8. For more details click here.
I am planning to attend the event above with our soon-to-be graduates. I’m expecting to learn a few things myself!

We are so encouraged to know about NextJob and how Fifth Third Bank is dedicated to helping graduates succeed. Again, a huge thanks to Fifth Third Bank for sponsoring today’s post and allowing me to share this wonderful opportunity.

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