Dove Men+Care & #OurRealStrength Twitter party 2/5

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Think of the strongest person you know. Who did you think of? Someone who can bench or squat a massive amount of weight? Someone who can carry all the grocery bags in at once? Or did you think of a person who cares for others more than anyone else you know of. Dove Men+Care is redefining how the world sees strength. They know true strength is measured by how much you care. Care is what really defines a man strength.

I know my children think of their daddy as the strongest man they know. It isn’t because he can lift them off the ground while they dangle from his upper arm. It’s because he is strong enough to build forts, play tea party, and sit and talk with our teenager when she has a broken heart.


Walgreens and Dove Men+Care are coming together to celebrate real strength. When you buy any two participating Dove Men+Care products from February 1 – 28, you’ll receive 2,000 Balance Rewards points! Take a look at the heartwarming video below from Dove Men+Care. It made me smile and laugh because I could relate, practically seeing my husband and kids in some of these scenes.

Did the video make you think of a man in your life that shows his strength through care? We would love for you to share your stories or pictures of them using the #RealStrength and #OurRealStrength.

Join the #OurRealStrength Twitter party on 2/5 at 8 PM ET with our twitter party host @ResourcefulMom. Remember to use the hashtag #OurRealStrength to share your moments of care and what you do to show real strength, and you will be entered to win one of five $100 Walgreens gift cards!

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