Dear Daughter, Everything You Need To Know On Your 18th Birthday

Dear Daughter,

On your 18th birthday, I have no words of wisdom offer today.  I have no instructions for a life well lived. You see we’ve already done so much of that. In fact, that’s what we’ve been doing all these days leading up to today. 6,570 days to be exact. Instead this is a letter telling you everything you need to know for today. Some days all you need to know is just enough for that day.

I’ve given you plenty of instruction. Today my gift to you is etch out the sentiments I’ve held in my heart so that you may read them for all the years to  come. I hope when you read them you’ll hear my voice.

This is the day that officially classifies you as your own person, even though we both know you claimed yourself as your own from the moment of your first breath the day you made yourself know in this world. Your free spirit was never one to be reigned in without your consent.

Instead of offering you advice on what to do with the days to come or warnings of what perils the world holds, what I want to impress upon you is how very proud I am of you. I want the world to know how strong and brave you are. How when life seems to throw a million things at you at once, you have caught every one with grace and are always ready to take it on.

You are more confident than anyone I’ve ever known. If you don’t know the answers you will diligently study to learn them. You are steadfast and you never give up. You lead yourself with integrity and never make decisions based on your emotions or how others might perceive you but instead you make decisions based on your truth.

You are a wonderful communicator and your laugh lights up the dark places. Keep showing up in those places and sharing your light. The world needs more of you. Even when they don’t know it.

You are loyal, compassionate, and caring. You posses every good quality I could have hoped for.

My dear, I am proud to call you my daughter. I am also so very, very proud of the woman you have become. I love you with all of my heart and for all of my days.

Love, Mom

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