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On your Own Walmart Family Mobile

No one gives you a manual in adulting. Or in parenting for that matter. You know all those questions you have when your first baby is born. All those things you suddenly wonder if you are prepared for. I am here to tell you those same feelings come rushing back when it’s time to send that child off to college or set out on a life of their own. Don’t talk to strangers. Look both ways. Don’t leave your socks on the floor. Always rinse the dishes…..You wonder if you’ve told them everything…. Is it even possible?

We’ve done a lot of prep work to make sure our older children are mostly independent. They can load a dishwasher and have been doing their own laundry since they were tweens. They have jobs and have been managing their money for awhile now.

However, when it comes to creating a your first budget on your own, experience tell us there is very little wiggle room. Having had a fair share of conversations regarding charges for data overages in the past, we knew that we needed to research a good mobile plan with them. There are so many choices in providers and options for upgrades. Discovering the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan was such a great option for a data plan they can manage on their own.


Getting started with Walmart Family Mobile

(Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.)

Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile Starter KitTo get started you’ll need to select a phone if you don’t already have one. This is where we spent the bulk of the shopping experience. Everything else was SO simple! Sydney selected the Alcatel Fierce XL. It was a great price at $99.00 (Rollback from $119.00) She wanted a few more than the basic amenities on her phone so this model was perfect! If you were shopping for a younger teen’s first phone there are plenty of phones priced to fit in all categories.

You will also need the Starter Kit . My out of pocket was really low compared to other prepaid carriers – only $19.88 to get started. For only $49.88 the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan includes unlimited Talk, Text, & Data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE! As an added bonus, this plan included a free movie new release rental on VUDU every month ($7 value) per line. This will allow them to host a movie night with friends or free date night movie each month. This leaves a few more dollars available for them in the entertainment budget for movie night snacks.

It is such a great plan and so simple to get started on your own but if you have more questions visit the Walmart Family Mobile Social Hub  to find out when a Walmart Family Mobile in-store rep will be available to assist them. The reps have Swedish Fish samples on site.

This is worth mentioning since Swedish fish have always been my husband’s FAVORITE candy. We couldn’t resist picking up some movie night snacks when they saw the Swedish Fish display near the front of the store.  Maybe we were a little emotional with all this growing up business but a family movie night was the perfect ending to this very grown up day. We left the store ready to relax and stream a little Finding Nemo at our house for the rest of the evening.

Swedish fish

New Look, Same Fish! Swedish Fish (1.9 lb bag) is on rollback at Walmart for $4.48 in all new packaging.

We were all very happy with our purchase and felt a lot more secure with this simple plan that ensured for easy budgeting. We decided to take advantage of our free movie for the month streaming to our Chromecast for a family movie night at home. Secretly I’m wondering how many more of these we’ll have…..sigh, this growing up business. It’s bittersweet.

It has always been my role as Mom to prepare snacks and such for movie night but since we were pushing for self-sufficiency. we thought it was best to allow tonight’s treats to be styled by the soon to be graduate. What developed was an adorably themed “Fish and Flicks” movie night. With Swedish fish as the inspiration, she was an excellent hostess.

Fish and Flicks movie night

Fish and Flicks Movie Night recipe 

Want to replicate this Tropical Fish and Flick Movie night at your house? It’s so simple.

To get Started you’ll need:

Tropical Fish and flick snack

  • Frozen Coconut bars
  • Blue juice or sports drink
  • Swedish fish
  • Optional: blue gel icing for “waves” 

Fish and Flicks Swedish fish ingredients

  • Chop coconut bar into cubes and add to blender.
  • Add  1 cup blue sports beverage of your choosing.

FullSizeRender (73)

  • Pour directly into beverage cups. Top with blue gel to makes waves and a couple of Swedish Fish.
  • Place on snack plate surrounded by  an “ocean of fish” and you are off for movie night!

Fish and Flicks movie night

  • Don’t forget your phone- you’ll want to take at least one selfie.

Walmart Family Mobile Movie Night 12

I loved that it wasn’t too over the top yet still felt fun and festive. Those are the important things to remember about living life out on your own. Every moment can feel special with just a few little touches.

What things did you do/are you doing to prepare your children for life on their own? What advice would you offer to someone going out into the world? 

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