Be the Smartest Home on the Block with August Smart Lock Homekit

Busy Family August Home

Has your life ever gotten so busy you feel like you don’t know whether you are coming or going? Now that our teens are working, going to school, and our younger ones have a rotating schedule of various extracurricular activities, I have seriously considered installing a revolving door. After some serious thought, that option didn’t really seem to provide much in the way of home security. Still we needed a better solution. I was spending lots of time and money having new keys made and then tracking them down again. Add on juggling logistics of getting additional keys to the pet sitter, housekeeper, or anyone staying in our home when we are away.

Be the Smartest Home on the Block with August Smart Lock Homekit

Smart Home with August Home Smart Lock Homekit

It seemed it was time for us to streamline and start thinking smarter not harder. We had already upgraded many features of our home in our transitional efforts to have a smart home. August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled is an amazing solution making things much more convenient and offering even more than we anticipated. I can now simply ask Siri to check if my door is locked for me!

August Smart Lock HomeKit frontdoor

The August Smart Home Access Solution

August Smart Lock

  • This smart lock has the ability to turn a smartphone into a virtual key. With the August Smart Lock we have the ability to lock and unlock the door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes 24/7 with an activity log — all from my smartphone. August Smart Lock uses a Bluetooth connection syncing your smartphone to open up the front door as you approach. It also still works with a key, if your phone runs out of battery. Since I am often traveling, it allows me to handle even more emergencies when I am on the go giving me a greater sense of security. The smart lock installs on the interior side of your existing standard deadbolt so you don’t have to be concerned about disturbing the aesthetics of your front door.

iPhone owners can use Siri to lock and unlock doors using voice commands. It also works with Apple Watch, so you can use your wrist worn device to lock the door, view your activity log, and receive instant notifications.

August Doorbell Cam

  • The August Doorbell Cam allows you to see and speak with visitors at the door from anywhere via your smartphone. You can know who is at the door even when you aren’t home. It is equipped with two-way audio and one-way video using an HD camera. Through the August app, you also have access to on-demand views of your front door at any time. Expecting guests on a weeknight but work ran late? No problem! August has you covered.

August Smart Keypad

  • An accessory of the August Smart Lock, the August Smart Keypad is the solution for friends, family, dog walkers, handymen, or guests to have access to your home without requiring a traditional key or smartphone. It’s simple to set up, does not require any wiring and runs on 2 AAA-batteries.

Last week, I mentioned the convenience of utilizing August Home as a part of Airbnb’s Host assist program too. No matter how organized you might be, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Having August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled eliminates the worry of lost keys, offers convenience and security for both hosts and guests. Hosts simply link their Airbnb account to their August account inside the August app to automate the process sending instructions to guest upon booking their stay. Yet, one more way this will simplify your daily life.

The August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled is available immediately at, and from Best Buy stores for $229 USD. It is a great investment to consider making for both convenience and security.


  1. These look like some incredible products! I love how security is finally entering the 21st century when it comes to staying safe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey ALICE C!
    Your article is enough good to read.
    I would like to share that August smart lock is the best door lock I have found. I think most of the people try to buy this lock, but the bad thing is that this lock’s price is very expensive.

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