Fitness Fridays

Now that I am fairly comfortable in sharing this fitness journey of mine with the whole wide world internet and in an effort to keep myself more accountable I announce to you a new series on the blog: FITNESS FRIDAYS!!!

Fitness Fridays will sum up our fitness journey each week. While after a good run I might be throwing out endorphin dust like the tooth fairy during hockey season, the postings for Fitness Fridays will contain the honest ups, downs, new products we’re trying, transparent beauty and ugly faces of this journey. Wins & fails. Its not new one. We’ve been working on this one for awhile. I’ve got  a few stories to share, learned a few things, stored up several shout outs to some incredible mentors and friends, and still have many, many goals ahead. Now, don’t get crazy, I will not be taking weekly pictures of my scale but do I hope to encourage you and I hope you all will encourage me too. This is after all, part of my/our story. Come along with us and lets see where this takes us – Life is an adventure!
Have you blogged about your fitness journey or have a fitness story to share? Post a comment or link to your blog post below- I’d love to follow your journey too! You can never have to many people cheering you on 🙂



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  2. Fitness Fridays – Thrill of the Chases
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