What’s for Dinner? With Wolf Brand Chili

It’s no secret that our Texas family of six has a lot of different tastes, moods, and style. This is can be seen often when it comes to our food. Satisfying everyone at dinner can often be tricky to say the least but Wolf Brand Chili always seems to able to bring everyone’s distinctive personalities and tastes together in one meal. They have been gracious enough to sponsor today’s post and allow us each to show you how we each enjoy our Wolf Brand Chili night best!

Wolf Brand Chili logo

The other great thing about family chili night with Wolf® Brand Chili is that it isn’t complicated or time-consuming. After a long day of work and school, its great to come home and create a meal with deliciously bold and flavorful one-dish meal that delivers authentic Texas-style seasonings to all and chili that can be styled a variety of ways to make everyone excited about  “What’s For Dinner?”

After making a big pot of Wolf® Brand Chili one evening for a family meal, we decided to let everyone create their dinner, in their own way. What we discovered was that we all loved the bold flavor of Wolf® Brand Chili in 3 unique ways.

Wolf Brand Chili night

Check out what we created:

Wolf® Brand Chili and Sweet Cornbread

Wolf Brand Chili and cornbread

I am a purist when it comes to my chili. Wolf® Brand Chili is a our favorite because it delivers real, authentic Texas chili taste. When the Texas weather cools off I love curling up inside with a bowl of warm chili and my moms recipe for a pan of Texas sweet cornbread. My husband poured two glasses of southern style tea and we were set for the ultimate in comfort food.

Wolf® Brand Chili -Cheese Dogs and Chips

Wolf Brand Chili dogs

Our youngest ones jump at the idea of Chili Cheese dogs for dinner any night! It is also a perfect opportunity to let them feel like little chefs for the evening. They prepare the hot dogs and top with as much Wolf Brand Chili as they like and top with cheese. Easy-Peasy- Cheesy!

Wolf Brand Chili Tex-Mex Quesadillas

Wolf Brand Chili easy quesadillas

Although our teens can sometimes be hard to please , their taste buds seem to ALWAYS crave Tex-Mex. So with a little help from the Wolf® Brand Chili website, they were able to create a recipe they loved. This simple recipe for Wolf® Brand Chili Tex-Mex Quesadillas didn’t require any trips to the store for extra ingredients  – we had everything already in our kitchen ( You probably do too!) Go here to get the full list of ingredients and discover Wolf® Brand Chili in a totally new way.

For generations, Wolf® Brand Chili has delivered authentic Texas chili taste to some of your favorite recipes. I know the generations in our house enjoyed the taste of Wolf® Brand Family Chili night.

What’s your family’s favorite way to enjoy Wolf®Brand Chili?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wolf Brand Chili.


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I am definitely going to look for this in the store. I love me some chili, especially on my hot dogs!!

  2. You can’t go wrong with some delicious chili.
    celebbabylaundry recently posted…Making Sure Picky Eaters Stay Healthy With IronKids GummiesMy Profile

  3. We made chili dogs just a few nights ago. I love using chili in velvet cheese too as a dip!
    Stefany recently posted…Let’s talk about RSV PreventionMy Profile

  4. Hubby uses chili whenever he does hotdogs. I’m not sure which one he buys but the can looks like the same.
    Amanda Love recently posted…Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise BrownMy Profile

  5. Have you ever mixed Wolf Brand Chili with Velveeta cheese? If you have have eaten at Chili’s that is their Queso recipe.. So good!
    aimee fauci recently posted…Dear Mama JuneMy Profile

  6. I’ve been wanting to try this brand of chili. I’ll have to get some next time I’m at the store.
    Lesley recently posted…Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On CarMy Profile

  7. Ooh, every one of those dishes look delicious! Chili is perfect for fall.
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted…wordless wednesday: my good fortuneMy Profile

  8. I wonder if they make a turkey chili? I love chili, it’s the only way I’ll eat beans. I like it spicy!
    Nikki recently posted…An Automatic Pet Hair Cleaning Solution? Neato!! #NeatoBestPetVacuumMy Profile

  9. I normally take chili and put it together with Nacho cheese and put it in the crockpot for nachos. I love your ideas as well.
    Melissa Vera recently posted…The Lighter Side of Austin da LuzMy Profile

  10. Chili! Yum, always always a must in this house. That cornbread looks really great
    Melanie recently posted…Seaside Hearts Book TourMy Profile

  11. I’ve never heard of this brand. I don’t like the idea of eating chili from a can.
    Heather recently posted…Little Scholar Tablet {Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway}My Profile

  12. These all look delicious. The Chili Cheese Dogs is what i want to try first.

  13. This makes some great chili cheese fries.. And also frito pie!
    LifeAsAConvert recently posted…Activity Day Girls Lesson Idea – CommunicationMy Profile

  14. Oh gosh I can’t look at this anymore! I’m craving chili and corn bread now haha. That is one of my all time favorites!

  15. I haven’t heard of this brand of chili before, but it looks delicious! I will see if my store carries it when I go shopping this week!
    Theresa recently posted…(Almost) Wordless Wednesday ~ Please, No Photos!My Profile

  16. So not good to read food post when hungry. Now all I can think about is having chili now.
    becca recently posted…Wordless Wednesday 11-5-14 #Nature #TravelMy Profile

  17. I need to figure out where I can get some of this. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it, but you make it sound so tasty!!!!
    Liz Mays recently posted…Holiday DIY Crafts | Christmas Tree Watering CanMy Profile

  18. Lookin so good! I haven’t had chili in a long time – and I’ve never made it. Now I want some!
    Jeanine recently posted…Peekaboo Bottoms Baby – Natural Parenting Store & Baby BoutiqueMy Profile

  19. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    Now that it’s gotten colder I’ve been thinking about making chili. These recipes look awesome.

  20. I love Wolf Bran chili. It’s the best chili out of a can I’ve ever tasted. I really love it over baked potatoes. Yum!
    Krystal recently posted…Boozy Budget Gifts: RumChata Hot CocoaMy Profile

  21. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before! Looks good, though! I’ll keep an eye out for it next time I’m in the store!
    Kristen from The Road to domestication recently posted…Home Matters Linky Party #13!My Profile

  22. Those chili tacos look amazing! It’s making me hungry!
    Annie recently posted…Halloween 2014My Profile

  23. That Quesadillas looks so yummy – really one of my favorites!

  24. I haven’t tried this brand. I bet it would be great mixed with some ground beef for hotdogs!
    Dee recently posted…*Holiday Deal* Young Living Premium Starter Kit PromotionMy Profile

  25. We don’t eat a lot of chili, but looking at all of these delicious recipes, I’m not sure why not. I haven’t heard of Wolf, so I’ll have to take a look next time I’m in the store.
    April recently posted…$1650 Christmas CASH Giveaway Event @ 100lb Countdown!My Profile

  26. I haven’t seen it, but I haven’t looked for it either. I’ll be looking now. 🙂

  27. My husband loves chili because he loves spicy foods with a kick. I’ve heard that Texas boasts some of the best chili in the country.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted…Celebrate The Everyday Heroes In Your Life! #MiHeroeFavorito #Giveaway #AdMy Profile

  28. My husband usually makes our Chili from scratch. This would be good to keep on hand for nights when we need a quick meal.
    Erica Brooks recently posted…7 Tips to Teach Your Kids to be Eco-ConsciousMy Profile

  29. I have to be totally honest I haven’t had Wolf Brand Chili since I was 18 living on my own working at 7-11. Since the store gave you credit I would get my groceries there and it was the closest thing I could get to hamburger meat….LOL. I was a very very poor college student.

  30. That chili dog looks amazing. I’m headed to the grocery store, so you just helped out with dinner!
    Ashley Gill recently posted…Brownie Brittle Giveaway by Moms Six Little MonkeysMy Profile

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