Teaching our Kids to Become Givers : Our Toy Donation Exchange

Earlier this month I announced our family was partnering with Old Spice to collect gently loved toys for the HoliSPRAY Toy Donation & Exchange.  It was a huge honor to be selected to be ambassadors for this project and we want to give a huge thanks to Old Spice for sponsoring. The HoliSPRAY Toy Donation Exchange benefits the mission of Second Chance Toys to provide joy to children in need throughout local communities in the U.S.

Teaching Kids to be Givers Toy Donation

It’s always been important to my husband and I that we impress on our children how great it is to be givers. There is so much we can to share with each other. In previous years, we have selected families from the angel trees around town. We’ve also donated new toys to various organizations. When I told our family that we had been selected to organize a toy donation this year everyone had a lot of questions but were all very excited to pitch in.

Our younger children went through their toys and our teens talked to their friends. My husband talked with his co-workers who were all very excited to donate as well. Our community has such a giving spirit so we decided our local community center would be the perfect place to hold our Toy Donation Exchange.

toy donation building 3

The community center was so great to accommodate our request. With a full schedule that had been booked for months they arranged for us to utilize the conference room for the day. Our kids were involved in every part they helped me bring in and set up the Old Spice HoliSPRAY product that we would gift the donating families with in exchange for their toy donation.

We had so many families in the community donate that day! Some families were not able to donate during our time at the community center but volunteered to bring over their items before we made the official donation drop. My husband came home with bags full of donated toys from his workplace. The willingness to give from so many was heartwarming.

Once all the toys were collected, we went through giving all the toys a final sparkle before they we to be delivered. The back of our van was filled to the brim of toys for children in our community.

Our local toy donation was to be delivered to Child, Inc. here in Austin. They were so kind to us when we arrived. The executive director even came out to meet us at our car and invited us to take part in their annual holiday luncheon. As we walked inside they explained to the kids that this donation would be helping 1800 children in our area to have a wonderful Christmas this year. The kids were AMAZED at what an impact so many people could make together!!

It was a great opportunity to give our time, connect with our community and be able to give joy this season. There are so many ways to give and I loved teaching our children that it doesn’t always require having a lot of money or time to be able to give back. It was wonderful to see their faces when they realized they already had something they could give.

What are some ways you have taught your family about giving?

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