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I venture to say Randy and I are baby naming pro’s. It has been proven that 10,000 hours can make you an expert at something. I feel certain we’ve qualified for  that level of expertise by the many hours we’ve logged studying baby names over the last decade.  We are confident we chose the perfect baby names for our own children. While it has been quite some time since my husband and I have spent our hours scouring the baby name books considering the perfect label for our incubating offspring, our expertise was put to the test once again this morning. Our 2 youngest children came into the kitchen asking the meaning of their names. I did what any nurturing, loving,  nostalgic mother would do and immediately sat down and googled the meanings re-told them the meanings and why we choose those names to specifically identify them.

Chase Family personality

This photo is from Christmas 2006 but so accurately shows the personality behind each individual’s name.

We considered names for their strength of sound, uniqueness, and the way they might sound with our last name. We even practiced how easily they rolled off the tongue should we have to say them with a bit more volume and intention in the event our precious ones behave unbecomingly. Of course, we also considered names within our family lineage. My own name comes from my great-grandmother and my mother’s middle name. My middle name, Joy, was chosen by my father.

Looking back, each of our four children seem to perfectly identify with the name chosen for them. I remember taking a moment in the hospital room each time one of the children was born to really look at them and question “Does this baby look like a (insert their name here)?” Usually the name did seem fitting. It was never something we took lightly. We had spent the better part of nine months considering and praying on their perfect name. As they have grown we have seen how their names were the perfect fit for them. Their personality characteristics and temperament somehow aligned seamlessly with the meaning described in every baby name book.

There have been times over the years where they didn’t always want to identify with the name we chose for them. Jonathan, our oldest, went through a phase around 7-8 when he wanted us to call him “Richard”. He even asked if we could permanently change his name. Of course not! We didn’t even know anyone named Richard. That lasted about 4 weeks. Fast forward to jr. high, when he chose to go by his initials. Imagine our surprise at our first parent teacher conference with the teacher opening the meeting” So to discuss J.C.’s progress…..”.

Whaaaaaat????Wait? Who is that?!? I believe was my actual shocked reply.  We had no idea he had been using an alias. We went with it for jr high and now in high school he has reunited with his given name.

I was never hurt by him wanting to try a new name. We were never going to change it permanently but it’s kind of like wanting to try on a new style of clothing. I remember my own childhood growing up in a world full of girl names ending in i’s & y’s. I was jealous because my own name seemed old and outdated. I desperately wanted to be re-named “Alex”. I don’t even know why. Now I love my name. It’s unique and has personal history. It connects me to my heritage. Its meaning seems to fit my personality wonderfully. Even my middle name when asked gets an agreeable nod of approval because of the perfect fit. I think eventually we all long for the comfort of who we are.

The meaning of your name…does it suit you?


(P.S. The 10,000-hour theory was originally formulated by Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, professor of psychology at Florida State University.)

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